Monday, March 30, 2015

Downgraded Trace TV HD added

LBN have added a downgraded feed of Trace TV HD & will feed it to subscribers as a SD channel. Trace TV which specializes in Urban music genre has been subsequently present in Sri Lanka before being removed by another operator. We are not sure whether this channel will be available to LBN subscribers in all regions.

At present LBN operates an analog & digital service in colombo & an analog service in other parts of the island.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Setanta Sports feed switching for RBS Six Nations

LBN Cable TV will switch feeds of "Setanta Sports Asia" from tomorrow Feb 1st to accommodate the "LIVE" broadcast of the RBS Six Nations Rugby. This means that during the "LIVE" rugby, LBN will carry a different Setanta Sports feed in the channel slot allocated to Setanta Sports.

Firstly thanks should go to Setanta Sports for providing Sri Lankan rugby fans with a separate feed even though Setanta doesn't hold the rights for the majority of countries it covers & Sri Lanka is a relatively small market. Secondly thanks should go to LBN Cable TV for taking steps to ensure that their subscribers do not miss out on the rugby action.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

We take this opportunity to wish our fellow bloggers, the Management & staff of LBN Cable TV Networks

"A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2014"

Thank You for your wonderful support during the past year and we look forward to a greater partnership this year.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 a year in review

Looking back at LBN over this past year, there is nothing much to highlight except for the return of the HBO channels which returned after a few months of being not available in Jan this year.

With nothing of significance happening but being looked forward to such as the introduction of HD services, increase in coverage. We hope these dreams are realized at least during 2014.

Monday, November 04, 2013

ESPN Star Sports to undergo major changes... How will LBN Cable TV react?

Originally post by TV & Radio Sri Lanka Blog.... 

ESPN Star Sports to undergo major changes...

Subcontinent feeds of sports channels ESPN Star Sports which are now managed by Star TV in India, are to undergo major changes from 6th Nov 2013. ESPN exited the joint venture last year resulting in the subsequent rebranding of ESPN as "Fox Sports" in Asia. After months of deliberations it has been decided that ESPN will be rebranded under the Star Sports brand in the subcontinent instead of Fox Sports as the rest of Asia.

As per the rebranding exercise, India is rumored to get a dedicated Hindi Sports channel which will also concentrate mainly on Indian domestic sports.

Given below is a quick round of how the channel rebranding exercise will take place
  • Star Sports will become "Star Sports 1" - will showcase mainly premier cricket events.
  • Star Sports 2 will remain as "Star Sports 2" - will showcase mainly premier football events, dual language feed.
  • Star Cricket will become "Star Sports 3" - will showcase largely Hindi content & Indian domestic properties and will also be home to cricket involving India.
  • ESPN will become "Star Sports 4" - will showcase international sports content such as F1, Baseball, etc.

  • Star Cricket HD will become "Star Sports HD 1" - will mainly showcase HD cricket & football.
  • ESPN HD will become "Star Sports HD 2" - will showcase HD football, F1 & Indian domestic content.
The above is just a summary of what is expected, however it's quite clear that there will be changes to the above from time-to-time since this largely depends on the "live" properties that will be carried simultaneously. The exclusive "live" rights for the 2016 Summer Olympic games are with Star Sports and its clear that all 6 channels will the carry games depending on the number of events taking place simultaneously. At the moment Star Sports, ESPN, ESPN HD & Star Cricket are on local pay television platforms meaning that after the rebranding exercise it will be "Star Sports 1", "Star Sports 4", "Star Sports HD 2" & "Star Sports 3" that will be the channels available on local platforms. 

Star Sports 3 is rumored to be mainly Hindi, so the most obvious choice for local operators will be to swap "Star Sports 3" with "Star Sports 2", however in the long run it would mean that content on Star Sports 3 will be missed by locals since it will be mainly Hindi but not 24 hours Hindi and depending on how many "live" properties are simultaneously being carried "live", it highly likely that English content will be available on Star Sports 3 too.

So the best option would be for local operators to carry all 4 SD Star Channels & HD enabled operators to carry all 6 ensuring that locals enjoy the best of sports from Star Sports.

Monday, June 17, 2013

LBN retransmitting channels via Indian DTH

According to reports reaching us LBN Cable TV is now retransmiting many channels off Indian DTH providers. This has resulted in many subscribers loosing channels during rain owing to rain fade affecting the channels being retransmitted off DTH providers.

In addition we are being told that Asian feeds of some channels are being replaced by Indian feed counterparts.

In the case of History Channel it should be noted that over time it was rebranded to Fox Traveller and then another History Channel was launched which we believe was not added to LBN as yet.

We hope LBN stops retransmitting off Indian DTH and reverts back to their previous method of retransmitting off the original feeds.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Ad's to be reduced on Indian feeds of channels

Those of you who are sick of the advertisements carried on the Indian feeds of International channels over all  the pay television operators in Sri Lanka can rejoice at a recent ruling that has placed an ad cap on channels commencing next month.

As per the new regulations, advertisements on Indian feeds of channels will not 20 min per hour for news channels and 16 min for GEC's (General Entertainment Channels) from July 1st 2013.

The regulations further state that from October 1st 2013 advertisements for GEC's & news channels cannot exceed 12 min per hour.

This only applies for Indian feeds of channels being received into Sri Lanka, most of the other feeds that originate outside Indian such as those from Singapore are more or less commercial free for the most part.