Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tamil Cartoon Channel "Chutti TV" on LBN

Chutti TV the 24 hour Tamil cartoon channel which is part of the Sun TV network has been launched on LBN. This comes hot on the heels of the launch of Discovery Communication Channels by LBN.

LBN is indeed catering to the entertainment needs of the Tamil speaking public by adding several Tamil language channels to their lineup unlike other Sri Lankan pay television providers. We hope other pay television companies in Sri Lanka follow the example set by LBN and provide more entertainment options specially to the Tamil speaking public.

Please keep us updated on the latest on LBN as the days progress.


Sudhar said...

The message posted by Admin was so true. The channels provided by LBN contain all the interest of many people. I wish LBN should keep this good work and must put some effort to expand the coverage.
The importance should be given based on the possible customers who make enquires about the new connection.

hiru said...

Hope they will update their web page as well.

star said...

They have to add on some more good tamil channels such as Raj Tv, Raj Digital, Sun News, etc.. in their line up. Also, they have to add Ten sports & Star sports.

They have to update their web page on time and show all the channels.

Anyway, LBN is the BEST at the movement.

star said...

Sorry. It is not star sports but star cricket.

alf said...




star said...


I got the information from one of dealer in India. But, at the movement, still it is not finalised. They hope to finalise soon as you know the first test match between india & England start on 19th July.

hiru said...

furm on Star Cricke

Star Cricket TV Schedule

hiru said...

Sorry Forum on Star Cricket

star said...


The parting of ways between the DMK and the Maran brothers is now leading to a media war.

RAJ TV is all set to launch a new channel, Kalaignar TV, named after the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. The channel is set for launch in August and will add to the TV channels owned or backed by political parties in the state.

AIADMK owns Jaya TV in the state and the PMK owns Makkal TV.

Kalaignar means literary artiste and Karunanidhi is popularly referred by this name. Now the DMK patriarch will have a 24-hour TV News Channel named after him.

The proposed channel, to be launched by Raj Group of Channels, is owned by Raajendhran, a copyright video distributor who started Raj TV 14 years ago.

But in a state where political parties own TV Channels, Raj TV was not able to take on SUN TV, the recently estranged channel of the DMK and owned by Karunanidhi's grand nephew Kalanidhi Maran, or Jaya TV.

With relations strained between the DMK and the Maran brothers, Raj TV, which lost its direct uplink license in 2004, has got a new lease of life.

The sidelining of SUN TV has been swift. 'Raj TV was chosen to telecast Chief Minister Karunanidhi's recent golden jubilee felicitation live.

Sun TV, which has a major presence in the cable distribution business in the state, has been headquartered at the DMK party office since its inception. Now it has been asked to vacate and its 16,000 crore network is set to move to the up market MRC Nagar in Chennai.

Many believe this signals the end of the DMK's 15-year relationship with its media empire.

During this period SUN TV had played a role in the DMKs capture of power in 1996 through its anti-Jayalalithaa propaganda and later created a sympathy wave over DMK Chief Karunanidhi's dramatic midnight arrest.

Sources say the DMK is also exploring the possibility of starting its own Tamil news channel and a daily newspaper. Till that happens, Kalaignar TV, hopes to function as the party's unofficial mouthpiece.

Sudhar said...

Some comments from comet blog where LBN is considered as best option BUT the only limitation is coverage.

star said...


Videocon is looking initially at six Ku-band transponders for launching its direct-to-home (DTH) service and has approached the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro).It is awaiting a DTH licence and can expect to start the service only next year as ahead of the queue are telecom majors Reliance-ADAG (Bluemagic) and Bharti (Bharti Telemedia).

After Insat-4B has gone to Kalanithi Maran's Sun Direct, the next Isro satellite providing Ku-band transponders will be up only in September-October. Bluemagic is likely to get Insat-4CR (replacement) and can hope to launch its service earliest by December-January. Reliance has asked for eight Ku-band transponders and Isro is reserving the remaining four for other users like National Informatics Centre.

Bharti's DTH launch can get delayed to early 2009 with Insat-4G launching only by 2008-end unless Isro approves of Measat-3, a foreign satellite launched from the Astro Group. Insat-4G has 18 Ku-band transponders but the demand from DTH operators could outstrip supply even at that stage.

star said...


The MTNL-Aksh Optifibre combine today announced the commercial launch of its IPTV service in Delhi. All MTNL broadband subscribers will be able to register for the IPTV service.

Earlier, the service was deployed in about 200 homes in New Delhi.

The MTNL-Aksh IPTV service will bring new features at a monthly tariff, beginning at only Rs 90 a month with options to select individual pay channels based on personal choice. Users will be able to select from the list of pay channels listed on screen and select the channels they'd like to subscribe to, on the screens itself and start watching them immediately.

An online television guide, available at a click of the remote, will detail all programs scheduled for the week by all channels available on the system. The "Time-shift TV" facility will allow viewers to "rewind" a live broadcast channel to catch a program that they might have missed and these programs can be stored up to one full week.

To be launched soon, the e-commerce facility will allow users to select their phone basis the infomercials on A-tube, pay for it right through the television remote and get it delivered to their homes.
A Video-on-Demand facility that is not restricted by the service provider's bandwidth (as with CAS and DTH) will also be available and the service is being launched with over 100 movie titles in Hindi and English. Plays and soaps in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Bangla will also be part of the library that will be expanded on a weekly basis with a target to double it in 4-weeks.

The biggest advantage IPTV will offer to consumers is the ability to integrate television broadcast with other IP-based services like high speed Internet access and voice-over-internet - all accessible on the television set.

Features like booking of movie tickets with the television remote, video-calling, music on demand, online chats, virtual classrooms - these applications are expected to be part of the platform.

Being an open platform, IPTV will also allow creation of thousands of third-party applications that can be offered through the system - from placing orders for cakes and flowers to trading of stocks while watching a business news broadcast channel and even advanced tele-medicine for which the remote center only needs an MTNL line and a television set.

TechnoGuy said...

Congratulations to LBN for providing such a well balanced channel selections. I really wish I was within the coverage area.

I have updated and published the list of LBN channels at:

TechnoGuy said...

What pay television service do you think is the best in Sri Lanka?

Vote at The poll is on the right side bar.

You've got 6 days to vote. More polls coming soon!

star said...

GOOD NEWS for dish tv users. Star cricket Channel will be available on Dish tv with in few days. Today's Indian news papers carry the advertisement. LBN look into this.

star said...

from the internal sources, LBN will add 7 or 8 new channels in their line up with in one month. These channel includes, BBC, FTv (India), Raj Tv, Animax, Star Cricket. But no news about Ten Sports or Sony Package.

As per today's paper (Sunday Leader - Business Page), LBN now testing the HDTV. Very soon, as per the paper article, they will introduce the HDTV & internet through their cable Tv.

That is a very interesting developments. We are looking for it.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Anyone using LBN

Please check the list of LBN channels made at my blog ( Comment and inform me if any information is wrong.

One specific question:
Is Channel [V] available on LBN at the momnet?


hiru said...

@ star

That's very good news. I love to see this star cricket channel


Sudhar said...

Star Channel [V] is always there with out any interruption.

LBN soon to add Star Cricket channel to their line up.

indianist said...

Your online tamil news channel is nice..........