Monday, July 16, 2007

LBN unveils plans

According to a report in The Sunday Leader dated July 15th, LBN has unveiled some of its future plans. Accordingly LBN is planning to expand their coverage to areas including Wattala and a few other areas. In addition to coverage expansion LBN is said to be testing HDTV and they hope to introduce internet services via their cable service soon. With regard to internet services we wish to state that LBN has spoken of this internet service several years ago but nothing happened so far, we hope that this time at least the service will be introduced.

In addition to all this LBN also plans to expand their channel offerings by adding channels such as Animax and a few other rumored channels are BBC World will be reintroduced, FTV (India), Raj TV, Star Cricket. There is however no indication on whether Ten Sports will be introduced and we hope that they add the channel, in addition BBC Entertainment and its kids channel should be introduced soon.

Please us updated on the latest information regarding LBN as the days progress.

Updated : This post was updated with a scanned copy of an article on LBN that appeared in The Sunday Island of July 15th. The same article appeared in The Sunday Leader. We like to thank our fellow bloggers for providing us with the article.


star said...

On LBN digital service, ZEE TRENDZ channel is not available for last few weeks. But, this channel is available on their analog line.

LBN should add all their channels to Digital line also.

Star Cricket channel is now available on DISH TV.

Sandun Dissanayaka said...

LBN to break new ground with proposed HDTV launch

Sunday Island (July 15, 2007)


Sudhar said...

LBN Should allocate a particular channel both on analogue and digital service for providing information, like what are the channels available on the analogue transmission and digital transmission.
This will help the non premium customers to understand the channels aired on LBN and appropriately choose the subscription.

AMD said...

There is a notice on LBN stating that they will have STAR CRICKET soon.

Its really a pity that LBN has such poor coverage.

愛莎Cherry said...

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