Monday, July 16, 2007

Star Cricket... Soon on LBN

Just hours after we posted below about LBN's expansion plans. LBN has announced that they will launch Star Cricket soon. We sincerely hope that this "soon" will not be as long as they took to introduce HBO Hits, Family and the Discovery Communication channels.

This is indeed a big boost to subscribers of LBN since most of the ESPN Star Cricket content has been moved to this channel and by introducing this channel they have made sure that they will be providing the best sports content to their subscribers.


hiru said...

At last they have updated the web.Soon on LBN has been changed to now on LBN (how long they took to do this)

Regardng Star Cricket

CC said that they will have this channel by early next week

Fiyaz said...


I hope LBN will telecast the RUGBY WORLD CUP.

Sudhar said...

LBN Should allocate a particular channel both on analogue and digital service for providing information, like what are the channels available on the analogue transmission and digital transmission.
This will help the non premium customers to understand the channels aired on LBN and appropriately upgrade their subscription.

TechnoGuy said...

Could I ask a few questions about LBN Digital?

> What is the model of LBN's decoder?
> Does LBN show the channel name on the screen?
> Is there a software upgrade feature in the decoder software?


Sudhar said...

*Produced by unionman contains powerful SMARTMPEG Fujistu chip. The decoder has Ultra-low signals threshold receive demodulator for high performance.

* Channel name is displayed on the screen along with audio and other details while changing the channels (I think the duration of the display can be adjusted by the user).

* The software upgrade facility is available but disabled for common users, only LBN can enable it and transmit the software. RS232 port also available for software upgrade through PC

Suranga said...

I'm really disapointed that most of the newly added channels are available only for 'digital' subscribers. I guess the story will be the same with Star Cricket. Also they have increased the charge for digital upgrade for premium subscribers from Rs.3000/- to Rs.5750/-.

Let's say that's fair enough, but it's totally unfair that the analog premium subscribers don't get the new channels.

Sudhar said...

I think, nearly one and half years before LBN send a letter saying most new channels will be provided through digital service since it will help them to provide many more channels with high quality picture.
More over the picture quality is too good in the digital service.

Yuktiya said...

Adding more quality channels is very positive challenge in front of LBN, with out expansion competitors will have a slide advantage over the network. It’s interesting to note that after bad year in the business & connecting in areas like Wattala, Kiribathgoda& Beruwala sounds the ability of LBN. The point that I want to raise is please concentrate on Colombo 3, Battaramalla / Nugegoda areas.

Anonymous said...

lbn rocks, doesn't it!

hiru said...

@ lbn rocks

Reg: your comments in DTV blog


We defenitely satisfied with LBN. But let other users to enjoy their choice.

Yuktiya said...


Rugby world cup will be on Neo sports.

Sudhar said...

I am really satisfied with LBN, even with the current channels on the lineup.
I don’t know whether others LBN users accept it or not LBN digital service is extremely good. As Hiru said others may have some other choice and but if you are already LBN customers then better be on the digital service even if you wish to remain with basic subscription.
To me LBN handled all the issues very fair way, after the resumption of the service January 2007 all the channels are permitted for viewing by all customers irrespective of subscription. Then two month rental was reduced to half.
There is hardly any reason to call the customer care other than breakdown of service, these days it rarely happens.
I am very much satisfied.

Sudhar said...

There are some people born to spoil anything, one such person is RAHDUS. He doesn’t stop there, he wants to make every one anger with one another.

RAHDUS and LBN_ROCKS are one and the same person, check both ones profile ( )

I hope DTV bloggers will understand, no LBN blogger is against the DTV bloggers, its some dirty minded people who spoils every one to comment bad about each other.

Fiyaz said...

Thanks a lot for the update Yuktiya.


Priyantha De Silva said...

I'm from DTV blog.

There's nothing problem between us. we can share the information regarding satellite TV problems and more, as brothers for ever. We have some common problem even in the future more will come.

Every one think their network is the best, that's common. It's OK.If some one want to keep both , It can't bear the amount of money for 2 or more networks. Then, If we buy one , we think that's the best.All we are doing for the entertainment, nothing else like trouble.

OK guys,Let's enjoy LBN,
we DTV.( I can't get LBN connection because there isn't coverage of LBN in our area.)

If any one interested of

@Indian Idol season 3

The TOP 10 have been selected.
The Set channel telecast on Friday and Saturday at 9.00 pm.More information, Visit..

Sudhar said...

Thanks Priyantha, for understanding the issues.

star said...

LBN digital service is the best. I also agree with Sudhar, all the LBN customers should convert their analog line to digital (even basic digital) package. Then, they can see the difference. It is BEST.

As per their channel line up, it is o/k. Specially, for tamil specking people, they have 8 good channels. (if they add RAJ package better).

LBN well done, but we should not undermine others. It is always better to have 3/4 different sources for the competition. That will improve the services of all the sources.

star said...
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star said...


ESPN Software India Pvt. Ltd has reached an agreement with Dish TV to introduce its third channel Sports Cricket on the DTH platform. The channel will kick off with the India-England series on 19 July.

While ESPN Star Sports (ESS), which is already on DishTV, will only telecast the ODI's, Star Cricket will air the entire series inclusive of test matches. ESS will carry an English feed and Star Cricket will carry the Hindi feed.

India will complete all three test matches and two of its seven one-day matches on its England tour by 25 August, wherein India plays its last one-dayer in England on 7 September.

ESPN, Star Sports and Star Cricket will telecast India’s tour of England where India will play three Test matches and seven one day internationals (July – September 2007). This will be followed by the telecast of the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa (September 2007).

India’s tour of Australia involving four test matches and a Tri series with Australia, Sri Lanka and India involving 15 ODIs will also be telecast on the network (December 2007 –March 2008). The channels will also be showcasing live from Pakistan in the Asia Cup, involving 13 One-day Internationals in the month of May 2008.

In addition, the sports broadcaster will also present the ICC Champions Trophy, bringing it live from the battlegrounds of Pakistan which will see different teams fight out in 15 intense ODI matches in September 2008.

star said...


Sun direct dth service will start their operations from next month. They make take few weeks for the test the DTH signals.

SUN DIRECT is the 4th DTH service from india. Other DTH services in India are 1)DISH TV 2)TATA SKY 3)DD DIRECT PLUS.

SUN DIRECT will concenrate more on south part of India. SUN DIRECT is the part of SUN TV group. They have alreary 20 TV channels in 4 different languages.

Sudhar said...

STAR CRICKET is now available on LBN lineup. Please do a auto scan the decoder to retune. Star cricket is available on channel no 23 as of now.


satya said...

yes.Star Cricket in channel no neet to Auto Tune

satya said...

i think in Srilanka 1st LBN Lonched Star Cricket/Neo Sport/Neo Plus/HBO Hit/Family/Signature

TechnoGuy said...
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TechnoGuy said...

Dear Friends,

What matters is not who introduces new channels first at the moment...

...but it matters who provides the most qualitative service in the long term.

Congratulations to LBN for introducing STAR Cricket channels. LBN is one greate example of balanced, qualitative service. They are also most of the time the first to introduce new channels.

hiru said...