Thursday, July 19, 2007

Star Cricket launched on LBN

LBN has successfully launched Star Cricket by last night becoming the first pay television operator in Sri Lanka to do so. Star Cricket is part of the ESPN Star Sports package and is a totally cricket oriented channel. This is the second cricket oriented channel in this region, the first being Neo Sports.

The channel is supposed to be available on the LBN Digital Service. We are not able to confirm whether the channel is available on the LBN Analog service. We wish to state that subscribers of the LBN Analog service should upgrade to their digital service in order to be able to receive the new channels that are to be introduced since they may not be available in the analog service.


star said...

LBN thanks for introduing the STAR CRICKET channel.

This channel is only available for digital line. Not for the analog customer. On the digital line, this channel was replaced with Channel V.

Why they have to replace with another channel? At the movment, on the their digital line up, they don't have Channel V, Zee Trendz,Star Gold & few of the local channels such as Max Tv, Etv, Artv, Derana. But all these channels are avaible on their Analog line.

They must add all these channels to their digital line also.

star said...

LBN should introduce the TEN SPORTS also in their line up.

Yuktiya said...

ESPN-STAR Sports' new channel STAR Cricket will telecast the three-Test cricket series between India and England starting from July 19.

The channel will also broadcast India's warm-up matches against county side Sussex and England A, a statement said on Thursday.

India will play a four-day match against Sussex followed by a three-day match against England A before the start of the Test series.

Next month, India will play a One-dayer against England A.

Starting with India's tour of England, the three channels - ESPN, STAR Sports, STAR Cricket - will telecast more than 150 days of international cricket till September 2008.

Yuktiya said...

Once they clear the sufficient equipments for the technical requirements all these identified problems should come to and end. In addition some more quality channels to be ad to the net work. LBN should ensure the monthly magazine should deliver to every customer.

TechnoGuy said...

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Sudhar said...

LBN should make sure all channels present on the analog service must be on the digital service as well. Once STB is switched ON, people should forget there is something called analog service.
LBN should also promote analog customers to convert to digial by displaying message of the extra channels that will be avilable on the digital line up.

There are so many LBN customers who may NOT be aware of these channels.


hiru said...

Additionally, they could also update their web page properly.(This is what I always suggest)

alf said...

@ Sudhar

One of my friends who has restuarant used to have multiple connections on his LBN connection (3-4 TV screens and differant channels).Once you upgrade to digital can you continue with that or is it same as dialog TV where you can watch only the decoded channel.

star said...

You have to watch only the decoded channel since channel control is on the decorder. If you need different channels in different tv, then you have to get more decorders. Else, in One decorder you can see one channel on digital mode on one TV and another channel on analog mode on another tv.

alf said...


What you mean is,If we have the analog connection you can have multiple television watching differant channels?

Yuktiya said...


Its very simple LBN’s basic 36 channels could be watch at any given time, if your house have 3 televisions & if your hook on to the basic package – you could watch different channels. For the encrypted channels you need to have a decoder.

ENGLAND – were 87 for 1 its on STAR CRICKET.

Sudhar said...

As yuktiya said, the cable is connected to Decoder but the decoder has a RF out put. So you can connect to another TV or else to a splitter. But you have to keep in mind only the analog channels can be obtain through RF out put.
For any digital or premium channels there is a need for separate decoder.

vista2006 said...


alf said...

Thanks Star,Yuktiya and Sudhar,

When LBN comes to my area i will defeneitly buy a connection

vista2006 said...

hai guys,
check out my lbn channel list:

hiru said...


Very well done. If you can link the program schedule to channel icon,(if possible) that would be fantastic. LBN has this feature on its official web but not properly maintained/updated.

This is a good example to LBN officials.

What about the dish tv you have? :(

star said...


Your list is good. But, please note that DD NATIONAL channel is no more in the LBN service.

In their future channel list, they may add NDTV PROFIT & ZEE SPORTS. This information is available in their official web site under the future plan.

star said...


Zee Talkis likely in Augest.

Bindaas will be add and last week of Augest which is lunched in first week of Augest.

Real Eastate Tv might be added next week as from their news.

alf said...





star said...


DISH TV still not finalise with NEO channels. Their prices are very high. Also, for next few months, they don't have any live cricket matches. So, it will take few more weeks.

Dish Tv are talking with MCCS for their two channels Star Aanda and Star Majha. They want to introcuse atleast two bengali channel in next two months because they want to expand their services in East India.

elakiri said...

Does any of you know which channel shows rugby world cup live ?
(please provide any links if available. I've searched and didn't found)

Thanks !

vista2006 said...

hai guys, thx 4 the feedback
lbn channel guide has been updated with programme guide/schedule.
check it out here:

kumara said...
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vista2006 said...

hai guys,
check out my new & updated LBN info site at here:

and give me your feeback


alf said...
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star said...


Singapore pay TV platform StarHub will launch a new sports channel dedicated to Premier League programming.

'Football Channel' will be made available to all StarHub Digital Cable's Sports Group customers when the Premier League season kicks off next month.

The new channel will be packaged fully by Hong Kong's Goal TV, in association with Ten Sports in Dubai. 'Live' Premier League matches and magazine programmes on the channel will be produced by TWI, the FA Premier League's official producer and distributor of its international coverage, while Premier League highlights, studio previews, half-time studio shows and match summary shows will be produced by Goal TV and Ten Sports.

'Football Channel' will also be made available to StarHub's Digital terrestrial television (DTTV) customers.

star said...

LBN should add FOX TV, SKY TV, SKY SPORTS, TEN SPORTS,... into their line up and make it as an international channels.

We need some more good channels in their line up

hiru said...

All those would result a huge monthly rental.

If they can add a rugby/football channel to the existing line up, that would be greate for the momemnt

hiru said...

sorry @Star

Yuktiya said...

ANIMAX & ABC NETWORKS on the cards, according to the details it will take another two weeks.

Yuktiya said...


From: [] On Behalf Of susilshanthala
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2007 2:08 PM
Subject: [wasadesa] Comet Cable, LBN or Dialog TV

Comet Cable, LBN or Dialog TV

I've been looking at what would be the best option to get. I've checked with some of my friends, and well I would have to go with LBN. The only issue with this is you don't get it everywhere, and it has to be in an area where their cable runs.

LBN, you get all the channels that Comet and Dialog offer, and more, plus you just plug it and tune from your tv. You don't need to get a dish or a decoder box, plus say you want to share the connection at home you simply run the line to the respective tv and just tune from the tv. With comet and dialog you have to purchase a decoder box for each tv or share it, but you have to watch the same program in all.

The advantage with the other 2 is they have wider coverage, I guess dialog has more, as I remember in some outstation areas the CBN Sat as it was know was available out of Colombo, and I mean far far from Colombo.

Most number of channels – 1. LBN 2. Dialog 3. Comet
Best Coverage – 1. Dialog 2. Comet 3. LBN

Comet has been stable for a long time, but they are not customer friendly, plus from the time they started they haven't added many new channels or provided better services/benefits to their customers.

LBN and Dialog are and will provide better services for their customers, as they are doing now.

Some issues with LBN are, that every channel on their network has different volumes, some are really loud and some you can't hear at all. If they can fix those little issues that would be perfect. Z Studio would be really low and HBO just right. With comet and dialog picture quality is excellent and so is the sound.

Since I have LBN in my area and my budget is limited I would go with that.


Dialog TV

Don't know the address

star said...


Yes. We have to pay more for those channels.But LBN can introduce these channels with exta charges. Then, those who want to see these channels can pay & watch. LBN also can earn more on this additional revenue.

LBN, please look into this. You can add some good english channel under different package & charge extra amount to the customers who need these channels.

star said...

Reliance DTH service in india include a few HDTV channels

DTH players hit on a new ploy to hook customers - niche channels in india.

For those who’ve seen high definition television (HDTV) abroad, there’s good news back home. When it launches later this year, Reliance DTH service, Big TV (that’s Blue Magic re-branded), will include a few HDTV channels. HDTV allows high resolution pictures that can be captured only on special HDTV sets (Plasma and LCD TVs).

HDTV is popular in Japan and the US. Not a mass service, it can be exploited in Mumbai and in Delhi. In the US, channels like Golf TV, NGC, HDNet Movies and Food Network are available in HDTV.

HDTV is just one among the special services that multi-systems operators, DTH service providers and IPTV companies are looking at offering to hook consumers. Other premium channels, which may have limited viewership, are also eyeing India’s addressable pay TV market.

NGC Network India Private Limited, for instance, is said to be negotiating deals with DTH operators for introducing niche channels from the Fox stable.

Television 18, which runs four news channels, is setting up a new company with former Dish TV head Sunil Khanna to create niche channels that could drive revenues for DTH operators.

Penetration of set top boxes, installed for cable (conditional access system), DTH and IPTV, is growing, allowing platform owners to talk to the consumer.

star said...

Sony launches three channels on SingTel's mioTV in Singapore

SPE Networks - Asia, the parent of cable channels AXN and Animax, is set to introduce three new channels on SingTel's mioTV platform in Singapore.

Recognising the increasing power and importance of the 20s and 30s urban career women market, SPE Networks - Asia is launching Sony Entertainment Television (SET) - a brand new 24/7 English entertainment channel dedicated to females.

While television programmes have long catered to women across all ages, SET meets the entertainment needs of the urban career woman by delivering the smartest, trendiest shows all in one channel, in their medium of choice - English language entertainment.

Also making their debut will be SPE Networks - Asia's two video-on-demand channels, Pix and Pix Thriller. Pix showcases Hollywood movies, blockbusters in genres like comedy, romance, action, drama. Action movie fans will find in Pix Thriller the best in non-stop action and suspense movies in one thrilling channel.

Sudhar said...

I would like to thank Admin for giving some time to uplift this blog look.

The objective of LBN was greatly represented through the header of blog home page.

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