Tuesday, July 10, 2007

LBN must expand coverage

There are people living in certain areas who are very close to areas covered by LBN but are unable to apply for a connection since they they are not covered by LBN. We hope LBN identifies these areas and improves their coverage and expands fast.

Many of these people have been waiting for a couple of years for LBN to expand. While it is important to add new channels, priority should be given for expansion of coverage too. LBN is undoubtedly Sri Lanka's number one fixed line pay television provider.

We hope LBN adds Ten Sports and Star Cricket to their lineup of sports channels and adds Hallmark Channel, Australia Network also to their lineup.

Please keep us updated on the latest on LBN as the days progress. We hope that LBN subscribers will make use of this blog to discuss issues and for sharing information among themselves.


star said...

Good mornig every one. I am a new comer for the LBN forum. But i am reading all the comments for past few months.

please note that LBN add on one more channel in their line up. Channel name is Chutti Tv. It is part of Sun Tv group. It is a 24hrs tamil carton channel.

Well done LBN.

star said...

LBN doing well. Their Digital service is very good. But there are few issues they must sort out immediately. Star Gold channel is blank for last few days. Some of the local channels are not available in the digital line. They must add these local channels also into the digital line immediately.

hiru said...

I can all local except MTV channels

star said...

On digital line (digital receiver) they do not have ETV, Artv, MAX & Derana channels.You will get these channels on their analog line.

MTV channels are not available from both digital & analog lines. But that is not a LBN fault.

star said...

DISH TV india going to add 4 more channels in their line up from 19th July 2007.That channels are Star cricket, Neo sports, Neo sports pls & Neo news. Therefore, LBN also should add Star Cricket very soon.

hiru said...


Sorry you are correct they don't have ETV,ART and Max on digital. But Derana is avaialble.

Good if we get Star cricket. It is going to be the best channel for cricket ( guessing from the way they advertise)

Please take off this word verification.

CN said...


I have used Comet, and using DialogTV as present. I have tried out & seen LBN at a friend's place.

I think value for money & picture quality wise - LBN is the best deal (in Colombo) as a cable TV operator.

The primary snag is the coverage. I have registered myself twice in the LBN waiting list from 2001 onwards to get a connection to Nugegoda, but at present to no avail.

LBN: Expand your coverage/transmission media now, and you can certainly rope in quite a few customers who are unsatisfied with the service they receive with their present operators...