Friday, July 14, 2006

LBN Court Case on 18th July 2006

Is there any information on the LBN Case? Things seem to be unclear since LBN Management have the same information running on their website too. It is high time pressure was put on LBN to join with CBNSat. At least CBNSat has aggitated some people, LBN is keeping quiet only.

Remember an Industry standing up together is better than an individual company fighting on it's own. Over to LBN Management.

Is the LBN Case confirmed on 18th July 2006 confirmed. Please continue to keep updating this blog on the news about LBN as the weekend progresses. We also urge all the LBN customers to keep sending letters via registered post to the authorities concerned urging them to allow LBN to resume transmissions. E Mail is not effective. Let's continue until transmissions are resumed and do not slow down when promises are made. We have noticed a reduction since the temporary license news came out.


Anonymous said...

As mentioned by few others, I too believe that LBN is in a deep financial crisis. It seems that they have done very little with Attorney General direction to the Media Ministry to issue temporary licenses. They are waiting till something happens. Dream on LBN management!!!!

If there is any help that you would like receive from your customers, please do inform them. I am sure that they will try their best to help you.

At least keep us posted the current situation.We as customers need to decide whether there is any point continuing with you.

Don’t wait till CBN or somebody else does it for you

Anonymous said...

Can some one tell whether the LBN case is confirmed for tomorrow 18/07/2006?????

Anonymous said...

LBN rep says that it is confrimed today morning (18th July)

Anonymous said...

Please update the court hearing of today!!!!