Friday, July 28, 2006

LBN Court Hearing postponed to 3rd August 2006

Well folks they have done it again. The law has postponed the suffering of the LBN Customers once more. The next LBN hearing is on 3rd August 2006.

Well our suggestion is that the LBN Customers meet up and then try to get the authorities to restore their connections.

The CBNSat customers have already had a meeting and are now in the process of collecting signatures of customers.

Please check the CBNSat forum for more information about what they are doing. Looks like you guys will also have to come up with something like this.

Please keep updating us on the latest developments as the weekend progresses.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the reason for the postponement, did the TRC ppl say again that they need more time

Anonymous said...

No one knows any thing and ppl have lost there interest in this i feeeeell...