Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LBN license to be issued on 21 July 2006 : LBN Reps

Information is coming in that LBN reps are saying that their license will be issued on 21st July 2006 which is just a few days away, which would mean that LBN will be functioning from friday evening.

Please note that this information is not confirmed. We do not know whether there is a seperate court hearing on friday, etc. All we know is that the license may be issued on friday.

We would like to request all of our fellow bloggers and LBN customers to keep updating this forum as the day progresses on what really transpired at courts today and whether the information that we received is true.


Anonymous said...

Judge has only instructed the Authorities to appear on courts by 21st July and inform the date on which they can issue license to LBN.

Anonymous said...

I asked this very same thing from The LBN rep whom I spoke to but she said that it's confirmed that they're getting the transmission back on the air on friday.

Anonymous said...

now LBN Reps are saying there is a another court hearing on friday,21
& there saying that they will be able to resume transmission on end of this month.

I think bad news again :(

Anonymous said...

Yup. above post is correct.

I just called LBN. The rep said the court had asked the Media Ministry and the TRC to submit whatever documents they have on 21st July and that LBN hopes to resume transmissions by the end of the month.

BTW can the admin of this blog please correct the timezone? The current times are misleading

Anonymous said...

plz giv a connection quickly,

hopeful said...

war, corruption, poverty, electricity, the CMC farce and even cable tv... this country is a depressing fermenting sewer right now but we got to stick with it without scampering off to greener pastures in pursuit of money. Is what we really want to go and contribute to the development of other countries while Sri Lanka takes a spin down the toilet bowl?

Gotta stay back and do what we can to improve things rather than skipping off. If we can't live a life of luxury here lets at least leave a legacy we can be proud of.

Just a somewhat positive thought for the day.

Anonymous said...

Any thing to happen in line with the entire situation it will be after August 15th.