Thursday, July 06, 2006

What is happening?

At yesterdays court case involving all the Cable Operators namely CBNSat, LBN and SATNet it was told that they need to wait till August 15th for ther next hearing since the media ministry will have to draft the regulations.

Now whether this ruling has any effect on LBN we do not know but we would like anyone who has further news to please post and make the positions clear for the sake of all of us. LBN Management a update from you is highly appreciated. LBN is supposed to have a case on July 18th, does any one know the status of that case.

An individual by the name of Mr. M0han Mendis has sent an email to Consumer Affairs Authority and please click to read the email.

We urge all the customers of LBN and CBN to write to the TRC, SLRC, Media Ministry, Consumer Affairs authority and also appeal to the President since we are sure that the President will take the matter seriously and take some action if the affected consumers take their grievances to him.

Since there are many asking about refunds. The stability of the company is now coming into question since the case is being postponed and no one is sure for how long the company can stay in business without an income since they have a staff to support.

No one can answer these questions except LBN so if LBN can answer these questions it will clear many doubts that customers are having at present. Anyway for customers who want a refund it is best to start applying now and anyway we also feel that all customers of both providers should also write to the authorities concerned and also try to get these services back on track. It will not hurt to apply for the refund and also push the authorities concerned to restore the service since at least even if the customers do not get the service back they can at least have the money back and explore other avenues or they would be able to get the service back.

Over to the authorities concerned and the management of LBN.



Anonymous said...

Things don't look so good do they? The LBN case has been put off till the 18th so it isn't the case of waiting till the World Cup is over as many of us thought. Over on the CBN forum a time frame of 3 months has been mentioned. I'll survive for 3 months as long as LBN is back again afterwards.

Anyway I still don't get why LBN has been so badly affected. They broadcast over cables not on the air so none of these crap LTTE etc allegations can be held against them. The license they have already should be more than enough.

Furthurmore comet broadcasts on the air but apparently has all the licenses required. WHAT ABOUT THAT MYSTIC RUPAVAHINI CORPORATIONS ACT LICENSE that didnt even exist before this case and popped up conveniently during. How can comet have that if nobody had heard of the license before this. The smell of rotting fish gets stronger by the day yet we choose to grin and bear it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the blog posting. LBN really has to inform it's customers as to how the court preceding with regard to LBN is going. Most newspapers focus their coverage mostly on CBNSat so we don't know exactly whats happening to LBN.

They should either update their website or hold a press conference or something.