Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Email to Swarnavahini Live @ 8 ........... 29th Aug 2006

The following email was sent to Swarnavahini today regarding the inconveniences done to CBNsat & LBN, its employees and the subscribers.

Dear Sir,

We are TV Radio Sri Lanka and we operate several blogs in this country that cater to the informational needs of the Sri Lankan public

TV & Radio Sri Lanka - http://tvradiosrilanka.blogspot.com/
CBNSat Forum - http://cbnsat.blogspot.com/
Comet Cable Forum - http://cometcable.blogspot.com/
LBN Cable TV Forum - http://lbncable.blogspot.com/

The first blog provides information about the Radio & TV Industry in Sri Lanka and the rest cater to the customers of the relevant Cable tv service providers. We are totally independant of the cable tv operators and any tv station.

Sir, the tv channel run by the EAP Group Swarnavahini was available on the CBNsat platform and was much clearer than the regular transmission.

As you may be well aware CBNsat and LBN were shutdown on false pretext on June 6th 2006.

However it is sad to note that Swarnavahini Live @ 8 is not providing any coverage of the court case involving CBNsat and LBN. Is it due to competition between the EAP Network channels and the channels available on CBNsat or is it because there seems to be politics involved behind the closure of these cable tv providers. We hope Swarnavahini is not avoiding the CBNSat closure news.

There are many subscribers inconvienced by the closure of these cable tv channels CBNsat (20,000 customers) and LBN (10,000 customers) having a total viewership of over 100,000.

Swarnavahini claims to be the most balanced news provider in Sri Lanka but we do not see it living upto it's reputation as being one of them.

We would like to request Swarnavahini to highlight the inconviences suffered by the subscribers of CBNsat as well as LBN and also to urge the authorities to allow CBNsat and LBN to restart operations.

There have been several people living in outstation areas who are unable to receive the Swarnavahini transmissions due to their location and have been enjoying the broadcast over CBNsat.

We hope that due consideration will be given and the plight of the customers, employees (over 300 employees) and the injustices suffered by the companies (LBN and CBNSat) will highlighted on Swarnavahini.

This email will be posted on the CBNsat blog without divulging your email address for all our readers to see.

Thanking you for your time


For those of you who want to email Swarnavahini and tell them about your inconveniences regarding the closure of CBNsat and LBN please email them on "support@swarnavahini.lk" and indicate them to forward the email to the Managing Director.


Anonymous said...

isn't today the day the defence ministry was supposed to give clearance for LBN. Any news?

Anonymous said...

yes i am here looking for some info the same...feels nice that i am not alone!

Anonymous said...

Yes, LBN is back online, but they have removed BBC and FTV from my basic package. Being in the fashion industry, FTV was one of the main reasons that I got LBN in the first place. Even after waiting for all this time, there is no joy. Instead of paying the additional installation and monthly rental I have to pay to get Premium package, I have decided to go with Dialog TV. Bye LBN.