Thursday, August 10, 2006

First day of LBN Test Transmissions

Today LBN carried out their test transmissions but it was not visible to the customers and was an internal test and checking according to reports that we are receiving.

Therefore the next date will be next Thursday (17th) and it is still to be seen whether it will be visible to customers on next thursday.

We got reports that the officials arrived at the location late. We would like our readers to keep us updated on what exactly happened today as the day progresses.


Anonymous said...

HBO, HBO SIG was not visible but most of the other channels were alright.

Anonymous said...

except HBO HBO Signature and Zee Cafe, all the other channels were visible at 3.30 pm SL time.

Anonymous said...

when they going to start fully transmissions??????

Anonymous said...

That means some of you have actually seen the channels!!!!! Great!!!!

Hopefully, the authorities will issue the license soon. I think, in CBN case the court has ordered the authorities to issue it on or before 23rd.

Not too sure about LBN position? I believe that they have a hearing scheduled on 21st or 25th.

In case if LBN/CBN both gets licenses they shouldn't telecast that Baluwardena's channel.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god YES after he dragged them through dirt both CBN and LBN should just scrap that channel which no one watches off their line-up. Forget about the moral highground.

ALISON said...

Ballas channel is not there in CBN but i am not sure whether its there in LBN.Let Hulla telecast BALLAS channel as he will have to shut down once LBN and CBN starts transmitting.

The assumption is that LBN will also get to operate from 15.08.2006 or 23.08.2006 when CBN starts its transmission and it looks as is it is going to be 15.08.2006 with the SUPREME COURT ORDER AND THE REPORT SENT BY DG SLRC TO THE MAGISTRATE CLEARING CBNsat.

Dont worry LBN guys,It is going to come together.