Monday, August 07, 2006

LBN gets approval for test transmissions?

We are getting unconfirmed reports that LBN has got the approval for test transmission and maintenance.

There are also reports saying that the court case scheduled for August 21st has been postponed to August 25th.

We would like the customers of LBN to provide us with confirmation relating to this news report.


Anonymous said...

Yes The information about the test transission is true.. I spoke to the LBN rep and she told me that they have got the permission for test transmission. Every Thursday we can view the Test Transmission from 10 - 4 (I am not sure of the timing) After 21st hearing things will be back to normal...

We should hope for the best to happen on 21st August!!!!

Anonymous said...

the rep i spoke to said thursdays all channels from 10-6 but they cant be sure of resuming on the 21st

Anonymous said...

so is the tes transmission going to be for restricted hours and are they also planning to extend this timing.

Anonymous said...

Daily Mirror 08th August

"LBN to resume test transmission
The Chief Magistrate Colombo Kusala Sarojini Weerawardena made order permitting LBN to resume test transmissions on Thursdays from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00.p.m. considering an application made by the cable net work.

Anonymous said...

When you realy analyze the situation the Admin always run down about LBN. Its true that LBN is not funded by any organization in that event even in the crises they are not wasting money to enhance the image. From the day one they are handling professionally to over come the situation. We are also with them for last two years, there are negative & positive site in any organization. One point that I want to make here is when the other net work got sealed, they went to the court & argued about other operators also doesn’t have the license to operate. But according to my knowledge LBN never brought that issue.

1. Multivision still operates. Are they having TRC licenses?
2. Multivision sub agents still operating after sealed by CID. Have relevant authorities filed case against them?
3. CBN sat claims they will resume operation on 15th. But up to now they dint get a date for the test transmission
4. If these operations are crime how Satnet chairman represent Ministry of Defense? dosent mean tha you have 80% of the employees were sinhalees thats you are not involed in enything.
6.Fort police OIC shot him self, can you claim that entire police is supporting LTTE ?

8/08/2006 8:42 AM

Anonymous said...

On the 5th Comment

How can you say that LBN acted professionally since they got approval for test transmission bcos of CBN

"Counsel for the applicant Mr. Kuvera de Zoysa citing an order of the Supreme Court stated that Court had allowed the applicant in that case the CBNSat of George R. De Silva Mawatha Col 13 to transmit test transmissions.

Therefore LBN should also be permitted to commence test transmissions as the causes of action in cases are similar"

That is why the judged allowed the LBN to proceed with it.

However, I agreed with your comment that LBN never brought issues against others. But they made a small mistake by publishing a full page advertisement once the CBN operations were submitted.