Wednesday, August 16, 2006

LBN present at CBNSat hearing yesterday 15 Aug 2006

LBN was present at the CBNSat hearing yesterday. Given below is a transcript of what was said by LBN as reported by The Daily Mirror 16th Aug 2006.

Counsel for LBN said that the Supreme Court had allowed CBNSat to run test transmissions and to operate their equipment without telecasting the programmes. On those grounds, they too made an application to the magistrate to operate test transmissions. Their application was granted and they will start test transmissions on Thursdays.

Please refer below link for the full article

TV Station Licences to be freely issued : Media Ministry - Daily Mirror 16th Aug 2006

As per the court rulings LBN will be carrying out test transmissions tomorrow and we would like our fellow LBN readers to keep us updated when you start receiving the test transmissions.

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Anonymous said...

At what time does the test transmission start tmw?