Friday, August 18, 2006

LBN test transmissions held yesterday

Yesterday (17th) LBN has carried out test transmissions of its network and we have reports that in a few places like Colombo 4, the customers were able to view the transmissions. A few channels were said to have been broadcast but the channels have not been clear.

If there are those who received the channels clearly we would like you to update us on what channels you were able to see and the area in which you are from.

We would like to urge the customers of LBN to unite and form an association and fight for your rights as consumers. You are welcome to use this blog to get in touch with each other. The CBNSat subscribers who formed CBNSat Subscribers Unite have sent letters to the relevant authorities and have made a press release yesterday. For more information on this please visit the CBNSat Forum.

Please keep us updated on the latest happenings regarding LBN as the day progresses and as we progress into the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

v didn't get any transmission @ wel. v r feeling very sad plz. consider this one and v hope that u wil giv test transmission 4 us next thursday.