Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Satisfactory News for LBN Customers

LBN has won a court order and have been given permission to resume test transmissions from 10th August 2006. Please see post below.

We would like all our readers who are LBN customers to update us and confirm when the test transmission commences on Thursday.

We are also receiving comments that this Blog continually runs down LBN. The fact of the matter is that unlike the other operators, LBN is not making information about it known. They were unfairly shutdown and that is the most important thing. We hope you do not misunderstand our efforts.

We will be in a better position to uphold their cause if they are more open about themselves. Even their website is not operational and is also having the same screen that they had when they were shutdown. They could at least update everyone on the present situation via their website. It is almost impossible to get confirmation from their call centre and if we call them, they are unable to confirm any information that we already know.

Anyway this blog will always strive to get the best out of LBN and not unfairly criticise them But LBN should be more transparent about itself.

Anyway we sincerely hope that the authorities will issue a license to LBN soon and bring relief to the company as well as its subcribers.

Please keep us updated on the information about LBN as the day progresses.

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Anonymous said...

Can any one tell whether there was a test transmission telecast today???