Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LBN Court Case today (Sept 19th)

LBN will be having their court hearing today. We are unable to confirm the time of the hearing. Could anyone who knows the time please update this blog on the time of the hearing.

Hopefully the TRC issues the license to LBN today or at least confirm the date in which LBN can start operations without dragging this issue any further.

The jobs of all the employees and the money invested by the company as well as it's customers is in the hands of the courts.

We are hoping for a positive outcome and NO EXCUSES PLEASE.

Please keep us updated on the results of todays proceedings as well as any updates on LBN as the day progresses.


Anonymous said...

i think LBN will be allowed to transmit from today as the license was supposed to begiven by 15th

Anonymous said...

that's wishful thinking. But let's hope for the best

Anonymous said...

yes it does seem like wishful thinking to me as well having hoped for a reconnection at every hearing. Let's just wish shirantha and LBN all the best and hope that we'll soon have cable in our homes again

Anonymous said...

I am not sure but i called LBN and some girl there says that the case is postponed until 3rd of October and that the president has to come back... I am not sure if this is true... Please if any one knows real details do let us know..... i have officially given up on LBN....(divine)

Anonymous said...

If a girl in LBN says that then it must be true ..belive her : )

What if the president decides to stay forever ?

Anonymous said...

Yes that's true. The case has been postponed to 3rd Oct as they need President signature.

Congradulations to HE as Sri lanka has broken the record number of delegates for the summit totalling 54.