Thursday, January 04, 2007

No official confirmation yet

We are still to receive an update regarding the LBN Court hearing that was held on Jan 2nd. According to unconfirmed sources we hear that LBN has got the go ahead and should start test transmissions today but we cannot verify this information. We are not sure whether the test transmissions today are a full test transmission as a result of the motion or the test transmission that was carried out every Thursday as a result of a court ruling several months back.

We would like to request our fellow bloggers to refrain from making posts using foul language and if you continue to do so, we will be forced to take action against those doing so.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding LBN as the days progress and anyone receiving any test transmission please update us giving your area.


Anonymous said...

Welcome news!

The request to abstain from using foul language is most welcome. Bloggers should not, in my view, stoop to indecent and lurid language just because they cannot meet an argument propelled by a fellow blogger.
I would kindly request Admin. to disallow vulgar comments in Sinhala (using the English alphabet) as this is being done by half-baked nitwits in a vain bid to cover up the sins of others.
Let LBN stand up and fight its case. There need not be pandam karayas to argue its case. Some constructive views for or against are always welcome because they not only offer food for thought but also some helpful hints to possibly right any wrongs.
Let’s be fair by both LBN and its 10,500 subscribers by being balanced, taking into consideration the pain of mind, hardships, suffering and financial losses both parties continue to incur.
Let’s resolve to collectively do everything possible to get LBN going again so that we can, with a big sense of relief, relegate to history the nightmare we went through, and ensure that, at least in future, we keep off territory where even angels fear to tread.
As subscribers, I strongly feel that we should salute the support extended to LBN by the media, which went out of its way to espouse the cause of the station and its suffering subscribers. As LBN opted to remain silent on the developments (as this blog, LBN’s stale website and its lack of communication with subscribers amply proves), thanks to the newspapers that we will hopefully be able to see LBN born again in the days to come.
Last Sunday made my day when I read the news in the Island that LBN will be back on air again. This good news came at a time when we had all given up hope.
Thanks once again for all the help to make our dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

LBN Started.good luck LBN

Anonymous said...

"The request to abstain from using foul language is most welcome"

Agree 80% but you need such language as well sometimes. Even on public media they use such language. If you listen radio you can here many of those

"I would kindly request Admin. to disallow vulgar comments in Sinhala"

You mean to say that if it is in English Ok? This country belongs to us my friend not to Suddhas

"As LBN opted to remain silent on the developments" agreed with your comments as LBN is highlighy unprofessional in communication with it's own subscribers but it doesn't mean that they didn't do anything

"thanks to the newspapers that we will hopefully be able to see LBN born again in the days to come"

Are absolutely sure of it?

"Last Sunday made my day when I read the news in the Island that LBN will be back on air again. This good news came at a time when we had all given up hope"

If you were on this blog you would got that information prior that

Hats off to blog admin

Anonymous said...

Keep us informed LBN Managment

I whole-heartedly agree. Let us not be spoilers by criticising LBN’s monumental blunders. They have been made and now it’s too late. Let’s hope against hope that we will see LBN on air again. Keep this blog informed LBN management so that we know what’s happening. After all, we are your subscribers. Don’t treat us like the orphans and displaced in Vaharai!

Anonymous said...

The official announcement in this country is very unstable. We could counter on many examples. The concern people were in the defensive strategy due to the uncertainty. Lbn will resume the test transmission today with available channels. Until to sort out the issues in related too many.

Admin also must not encourage the foul plays…..

Anonymous said...

second comment about LBN started can anybody confirm this is true, are they broadcasting now?

Anonymous said...

Mokada mei ponnaya sinhaleng blog karanna bei keiyanne,Uta ingirisiyeng hikilada inne.

Meka apey rata,Apey basawen berinam mona pakenda huththo blog karanne.

Anonymous said...

You will never learn, buffoon!

The blogger who responded to my comments on abstaining from using obscene language seems to have got his wires crossed.
Nobody in his proper senses would suspect me of being unpatriotic in my observation to disallow vulgarism by abusing the Sinhala language. It simply doesn’t mean the obvious – to allow it in other languages, whatever they may be. Assuming the blogger who responded, had been to school, I urge him to take a peek at the series of indecent comments made on this blog using Sinhala wordings (which far outnumber the ones in English). That’s why this reference to Sinhala being used was made and not to suggest that this country belongs to the Suddhas. This is a stupid argument which can emanate only from the kind of half-baked nitwit I referred to in my earlier mail. Anyway, if he works for LBN as I strongly suspect, we are not surprised because there seems to be a plenty of them in that Narahenpita office.
He also says that this blog had carried about LBN restarting operations before the newspapers. This again is kindergarten stuff which will make even a five year old laugh. You fool, what’s on this blog is not official unless it comes directly from the station concerned, but what the newspapers carried is official because it referred to the LBN MD’s comments also. You seem to be an expert on this blog, but can you tell us how many times has the LBN MD communicated anything official to this blog? So much so, this blog itself regretted the LBN MD’s silence. Get it into your thick skull that blog stuff is pure comment and unofficial observations. To be regarded as official, they should come from the management concerned. Don’t expose your immaturity because LBN might decide to get rid of you and it will break our hearts to see you beating a drum on the streets.
This blog is being abused by people without a sense of direction to defend and pay hossanas to the LBN Management for a pot of porridge. The fella who responded aptly fits into that category.
If not for the sudhhas, our friend would still be walking to Kandy and other upcountry towns and seeing trains operating only in movies and on TV (not LBN). I assume he must be a sarong clad, amuday wearing guy so ‘patriotic’ that he watches LBN – a wholly English channel station. His kind of so-called patriotism turns my stomach. Don’t tread into places where even angels fear to tread, pal. Wash toilets for others, we don’t mind that as long as you don’t use your paw to tap on the computer stuff you have little or no understanding of.
I wouldn’t waste my time arguing with this buffoon any more because I don’t want to sleep with dogs and wake up with mekkas.
P.S. If you cannot understand what’s written above use an English-Sinhala dictionary. Available at M. D. Gunasena. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It seems that the CID Staff is due around 11 a.m today ( Usual thursday time) If they have no objections to continue..then there will be a full time transmission.

We are getting some unofficial reports that court has not given official permission for full time test transmission until LBN withdraw all acses aganist the authorities

Anonymous said...

They have updated the website.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Island Reader

You seems to be the judger of your own comments? Our Nation fel into the hands of Suddhaa was mainly due to people like you who bend their backs to suddhas ( Desha/Jaathi Drohee)

"what’s on this blog is not official unless it comes directly
from the station concerned, but what the newspapers carried is official because it referred to the LBN MD’s comments also"

Some time back Daily news Published that the President has given instrcution to allow resumption of services to those who had MOD clearence which published in LBN web as well. You mean to say that was a confrimed report?

Hukahang Island Reader...ingeesy paththara kiwwata suddhek wen na pako..

Yes they have updated the web with test transmission but not the Island :(

Anonymous said...


LBN MD, why don’t you clarify the position? We are still waiting for the official version from you. All this is mere speculation. The CID cannot decide, as everybody knows. The AG decides but as in this case, the court has to make its determination. CID cannot decide on its own when the matter is before court. Let us know, Mr. MD. You kept us in the dark for more than six months. At least now tell us whether there’s good news, as widely speculated.
The ‘unofficial reports’ are not dependable. So make them official reports for us to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations to LBN

But i am afriad that it is not officail until it appears in island

Anonymous said...

Mr.Island Reader

Sarama kiyanney apey jaathika aduma..

Kalisam adala ingreesy paththara kiwwata suddhel wen na...

Anonymous said...

"I assume he must be a sarong clad"

This is a dirty allegation against Sinhalese...don't publish such things should be ashamed of yourselves.

Congratulations to LBN