Tuesday, February 06, 2007

LBN restores all channels

LBN which is still in test transmission mode according to their website has restored all the channels that were functioning prior to shutdown including all local channels except TV Lanka (the reasons for which are understandable). Even new channels such as Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus are on air.

Their transmission network has now been fully restored. We expect LBN to commence full scale commercial operations anytime soon.

We have not got any information on whether LBN has commenced billing it's existing customers. If not it is likely that billing will commence soon.

We would like to request our fellow LBN bloggers not to post Anonymous Comments and to include a consistent nickname when making comments. If Anonymous comments are continued then we will be forced to allow commenting only by bloggers who posses Google Accounts.


Anonymous said...

LBN rep says that LBN has commenced full scale commercial operations from 1/feb/2007.
and started billing customers

Anonymous said...

For all at LBN.

I would like to congratulate and appreciate the job well done to all at LBN. Keep on continuing the good work.

A LBN Customer

Anonymous said...

TO Management of LBN,

I would like you to consider showing the Rugger Matches being played, ( As was done previously ).


duva said...

i would like to know if ndtv will be aired

Anonymous said...

It was surprising to see TV LANKA back again on LBN - Considering the fact that they are the ones who initiated the temporary shutdown of LBN and CBNSAT. Perhaps it's because the management of LBN is made of better stuff than scum like this "Abeywardna".

Overall I think LBN has done very well to get the system up and running in a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

Please delete that Channel. We hate it!!!!

Anonymous said...

are we getting the 24 hr mtv channel. i mean the local one

Anonymous said...

Could someone please clarify if LBN is broadcasting the new MTV Channel. Not that one could even compare the other English language content aired on LBN. However, if LBN adds this to their line-up it would complete the picture.

dilshara said...

yes they are showing it and no they have not started commercial transmission. check out star sports they still have the LBN TEST TRANSMISSION message going on. good on them for showing TV lanka it shows that they are run by gentlemen not like the offending party

Anonymous said...

LBN Digital has 63 Channels
which are: -

1. AXN (East Asia)
2. Star World
3. Star Gold
4. Star Plus
5. HBO (Asia)
6. HBO Signature
7. Cinemax (Asia)
8. Star Movies (Singapore)
9. CNN International
10. BBC World (not Working)
11. Nat Geo (India)
12. History Channel (India)
13. ESPN (India)
14. Star Sports (India)
15. VH1 (india)
16. MTV (India)
17. Nick (India)
18. Cartoon Network (India)
19. Disney Channel (India)
20. Toon Disney (India)
21. Zee Studio
22. Zee Trendz
23. Zee Cafe
24. Zee Cinema
25. Zee TV
26. SUN TV
27. Raj TV (not working)
28. WIN TV (new) (india)
29. One TV (New) (UAE)
30. Neo Sports
31. Neo Plus
32. ND TV 24*7 (not Working)
33. NHK (Japanese)
34. Arirang (Korean)
35. DW (German)
36. TV5 (French)
37. Al Jazeera
38. TVM
39. KTV (not Working)
40. Sun Music (not Working)
41. Channel News Asia
42. EWTN
43. GOD TV
44. Saudi TV
45. Bloomberg
46. Channel [V]
47. DD Sports (not Working)
48. DD Podigai
49. Star VIJAY
50. ETV (india)
All Local channels

(i think i have missed one or two)

Anonymous said...

where is pogo, animax,dicovery, travel and living,animal planet, reality tv, zee music.set,

remember set max is the world cup channel.

Anonymous said...

will lbn expand their coverage area in the near future??

Anonymous said...

MTV (Local) is not on LBN yet.