Thursday, March 08, 2007

Coming Soon on LBN......

So it looks like the channels HBO Hits & Family, Discovery, Animal Planet and Travel & Living will be available on LBN soon. LBN will be the first cable network in Sri Lanka to have Hits and Family from the HBO Package. We have given below the web sites of the channels for those who want to check what type of programming is in store for them. We did not include the Animal Planet India website since it has been off line for a considerable period of time.

HBO Hits
HBO Family
Discovery Channel
Discovery Travel & Living


Anonymous said...

why are they using the indian feeds, there useless

please LBN Use, singapore or hongkong feeds

Anonymous said...

Sig/Hong feeds will be too expensive for us

Anonymous said...

but all East Asia feeds which offers a higher programming quality and not to mention less advertisements and in the case of all Indian feeds which have lower quality programming and far greater advertisements.

i'm willing to pay for better TV

Anonymous said...

For Hollywood’s all-time greatest movies, HBO HITS is the channel for you! HBO HITS delivers an experience that any hardcore demanding movie fan wants to see but has yet to find – a movie channel completely dedicated to blockbuster hits, 24 hours a day, commercial-free. HBO HITS features US 100 box-office movies in the year they were released and/or hits that garnered Oscar®/Golden Globe® wins and/or nominations.

HBO HITS has a unique viewer friendly schedule to suit the hectic lifestyle of today’s busy movie fan. Seven brand-new blockbuster movies are repeated throughout each week ensuring that viewers are able to catch the movie at their own convenience.

HBO HITS offers hardcore movie fans special behind-the-scenes or making-of programs, the latest movie facts including the Top Ten Weekly Box Office hits in Asia and the United States, celebrity and movie trivia, green light update on new movies that are in production and the latest Hollywood gossip.

Sudhar said...

Please don't keeping saying something when so much is done. When Asia pacific feed is broadcast, people will start talking about Europe feed. First of all let LBN introduce these channels no matter from where the feed is coming, after that decide on the quality.

Anonymous said...

Hey LBN guys,

This is very good work. I hope this would be a very good collection of channels for avarage and above average viewers.
I hope that Ten Sports will come in future as Comet is in the verge of bankrupcy. Try to grab the exclusive rights to LBN othervise Dialog will throw money arround and get the exclusivity to them and that would be athe last thing you want. Please be quick and make sure TenSports is yours.

Good Luck for the future which seems to be very bright and shiny.

We will pay you from February itself, please send us the bills.
I think you have suffered enough financially. This is the only way we, the customers, can help you.

Anonymous said...

LBN said that it will add Sun news Chennal to it's line up but still they have not added. they said this before 7 months. they also said some other chennals will be added and those chennal are now on LBN

Anonymous said...

I am an LBN customer in Colombo 5. So far the service, I have received from LBN has pretty dismal. When LBN was on air again, the picture quality was pretty bad with heavy distortions etc. After two visits by the service guys, I still have no sound even with the cable box and the TV being on max levels. I was told everything will be right in a week but given the service I have received so far, I am not holding my breath.

I called LBN and asked for a leaflet on the channel packages, and was told to come to their office in Narahanepita and pick it up. I understand your website is still under construction. Even though if it does not have all the bells and whistles, at least the basic information should be up and running.

A word about the World Cup. It's a huge disppointment that this will be exclusive to Dialog.

I do like to support the small guy and if I do switch which I am considering seriously, it is because LBN has not got some of the basics right like customer service.


Anonymous said...

Customer service at everywhere seems to be delivering poor services.

Don't get disappointed friend, you can watch it through SLRC. At least 5 ball overs :)

I strongly feel that cable tv providers should have some arrangements to share the coverage of an important event like this.

Anonymous said...

ICC World cup 2007 Telecast Schedule on Rupavahini

Mon 12 Mar Opening Ceremony 4:30 AM

Group Stage

Tue 13 Mar West Indies v Pakistan 19:15 pm
Wed 14 Mar Australia v Scotland 18:15 pm
Thu 15 Mar Sri Lanka v Bermuda 18:15 pm
Fri 16 Mar England v New Zealand 18:15 pm
Sat 17 Mar India v Bangladesh 18:15 pm
Sun 18 Mar Australia v The Netherlands 18:15 pm
Mon 19 Mar West Indies v Zimbabwe 19:15 pm
Tue 20 Mar New Zealand v Kenya 18:15 pm
Wed 21 Mar Sri Lanka v Bangladesh 18:15 pm
Thu 22 Mar New Zealand v Canada 18:15 pm
Fri 23 Mar India v Sri Lanka 18:15 pm
Sat 24 Mar Australia v South Africa 18:15 pm
Sun 25 Mar Bermuda v Bangladesh 18:15 pm
Mon 26 Mar Zimbabwe v Pakistan ( Play Back ) 18:30 pm

Second Stage – Super Eight Series ( we comes B1 Position ) ( Only 6 matches )

Tue 27 Mar D2 v A1 (West Indies v Australia ) 18:15 pm
Wed 28 Mar A2 v B1 (South Africa v Sri Lanka) 18:15 pm
Thu 29 Mar D2 v C1 (West Indies v New Zealand) 18:15 pm
Fri 30 Mar D1 v C2 (Pakistan v England) 18:15 pm
Sat 31 Mar A1 v B2 (Australia v India 18:15 pm
Sun 01 Apr D2 v B1 (West Indies v Sri Lanka) 18:15 pm
Mon 02 Apr B2 v C1 (India v New Zealand) 18:15 pm
Tue 03 Apr D1 v A2 (Pakistan v South Africa) 18:15 pm
Wed 04 Apr C2 v B1 (England v Sri Lanka) 18:15 pm
Thu 05 Apr ** A2 v B1 (South Africa v Sri Lanka) ( P B ) 18:30 pm
Fri 06 Apr ** D2 v B1 (West Indies v Sri Lanka) ( P B ) 18:30 pm
Sat 07 Apr B2 v A2 (India v South Africa) 18:15 pm
Sun 08 Apr A1 v C2 (Australia v England ) 18:15 pm
Mon 09 Apr D1 v C1 (Pakistan v New Zealand) 18:15 pm
Tue 10 Apr D2 v A2 (West Indies v South Africa) 18:15 pm

Second Stage – Super Eight Series -Cont....

Wed 11 Apr C2 v B2 (England v India) 18:15 pm
Thu 12 Apr B1 v C1 (Sri Lanka v New Zealand) 18:15 pm
Fri 13 Apr A1 v D1 (Australia v Pakistan) 18:15 pm
Sat 14 Apr A2 v C1 (South Africa v New Zealand) 18:15 pm
Sun 15 Apr B2 v D1 (India v Pakistan) 18:15 pm
Mon 16 Apr A1 v B1 (Australia v Sri Lanka) 18:15 pm
Tue 17 Apr A2 v C2 (South Africa v England) 18:15 pm
Wed 18 Apr D1 v B1 (Pakistan v Sri Lanka) 18:15 pm
Thu 19 Apr D2 v B2 (West Indies v India) 18:15 pm
Fri 20 Apr A1 v C1 (Australia v New Zealand) 18:15 pm
Sat 21 Apr D2 v C2 (West Indies v England) 18:15 pm
Sun 22 Apr ** B1 v C1 (Sri Lanka v New Zealand) ( P B ) 18:30 pm
Mon 23 Apr ** D1 v B1 (Pakistan v Sri Lanka) ( P B ) 18:30 pm

Semi Finals

Tue 24 Apr Semi Final 1: 2 v 3 19:15 pm
Wed 25 Apr Semi Final 2: 1 v 4 18:15 pm
Thu 26 Apr ** Semi Final 1: 2 v 3 ( Play Back ) 18:30 pm
Fri 27 Apr ** Semi Final 2: 1 v 4 ( Play Back ) 18:30 pm


Sat 28 Apr FINAL 18:15 pm

Blade Ivan

Sarath said...

Not only SLRC Max also same.Yesterday I watched WI Vs India W/up match .Soooomany ads and 5 balls per over.Max same like last W/cup (in South Africa).After 13th we can see 4 balls per over.SLRC better than Max.

Anonymous said...

I bought a connection last week to replace my existing Comet Cable package at my parent's house

The picture quality is like DVD..... rather like a pirated DVD of a camera copy of a movie! Comet cable's HBO was almost the same quality...

Just because its digital doesn't mean its like a DVD. Swarnavahini is awful. Like a zoomed picture from a VCD. LBN is miles ahead in the picture quality dept.

The sound quality if ok though.

Anonymous said...

So get LBN you fool! Dont come here to talk about useless competitors.

Anonymous said...

Who the f**k are you? This is for comments....Are you admin to set guidelines for comments?

sarath said...

your correct.

As comment in DTV blog at last all went to old Rupavahini to watch O/C.B'cose most are new for Max. I am outside from S'lanka.We watch last two W/C with Max with 5 or 5.5 balls/over with aaaads. All did big mistake buying new conn. to watch W/Cup with max.

Anonymous said...

You idiot sarath. The last two world cups were not shown on Max. Max is showing only this World Cup. If I am right Ten Sports showed the last world cup.

I think the one before was either Ten or ESPN/Star.

Do not mislead the people.

sarath said...

Not me you idiot.In this region no other than Sony Ent.have rights last, this and coming also.In last one "Extra innings" showed in Ten? Expert coments with "Chaaru" showed in Ten? Have you ever seen max telecast before?Don't talk things you don't know idiot.Ten show 90% live cricket played in west indies (not wold cup)No one can bid with Sony Ent.For World cup rights in this region.Ten from dubai.Not me you misled the people

Anonymous said...


ESPN and Star Sports have won the ICC bid and have secured rights for the next 11 years to broadcast the World Cup and all ICC events. They have won the regional rights too. Sony did not bid this time and is expected to exit sports broadcasting.

I think you should update yourself on new rights holders. Looks like you woke up after hibernating for a long time.

sarath said...

Thanks for update. If so, huge price hike will come for B/rights.(not for cable/sat operaters)

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

CELLTEL / TIGO call center workers listening to phone calls through their network

I am Dumith Rathnayake and I am sending this letter so that you know the dangers of using the Celltel / TIGO network.

My girlfriend is a Celltel subscriber. Last year from mid August onwards I got to know that Celltel call center workers were illegally listening to my phone calls but I dismissed the matter because I did not believe it could really happen until a friend of mine recounted every word I spoke with my girlfriend once from what he heard through a recorded clip by one such worker. Further, these call center workers have being accessing incoming call logs of Celltel (TIGO) subscribers and distributing those numbers to their friends.

I directly complained to Celltel in writing and they called me and confirmed that they would look into the matter and hold an investigation. After seven days, a lady named Vindya, the Customer Care Manager of TIGO sent me a letter saying that they would not proceed with the case because the owner of the sim did not make a complaint. I pointed out that the calls were originated by me and I also am equally affected by the actions of the individual which Celltel must bear responsibility to.

I also found out that this call center worker has also illegally got the incoming lists of many other Celltel (TIGO) numbers, especially of girls and giving them out to his friends. Also he has obtained messages sent to Celltel numbers, listened incoming and outgoing calls to and from Celltel numbers misusing the power and accessibility he has as a call center worker.

I was using a Mobitel phone to dial the Celltel number and they are telling me to complain about the listening of the calls to Mobitel, which is a total idiotic suggestion as this is the work of a Celltel worker.

It is clear that Celltel (TIGO) has not any interest in protecting the privacy and the rights of those who are using their network but only of protecting their errant employees. If they were at least a bit genuine in helping those affected in this case & saving their name they would hold an inquiry and an investigation as such employees only degrade the quality of a company.

I would like to warn you again before you make a call from or to a Celltel (TIGO) number ( numbers starting with 072* *** *** ) as your call may no longer be private and most probably be listened to by a jobless call center worker at TIGO. If the privacy of a call is not anymore, what is the point of mobile phones and communication at all?

Please pass on this e-mail to your friends and let them know of the conduct of TIGO (Celltel) and their call center workers, because we should never let anyone violate our right of freedom and privacy.

Thank you.


A.S.M. Azmi

Tel : 2502319 Fax 2502845

Mobile: 0773063192


World Health Organization

No. 226 Bauddhaloka Mawatha

Colombo 7


Anonymous said...

chik machan wade katai neda.ubala kolloda...

Anonymous said...

I think Celltel has now filed a case against this guy for defamation!

Don't know who's correct. Celltel says listening in is not possible.

The best part is that they have said this allegation is the work of someone jealous of their new launch......ROFL.... Who would be jealous of thier launch? They went from being a brand known by all of Sri Lanka to a no name brand overnight with the launch. Ask a villager what Tigo is and they'll probably tell you it's a new soft drink brand.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Anon 11.56. I don't understand why anyone will be Jealous of Tigo (celltel). Their service has no real value and in my opinion Hutch with it's limited coverage offers a much better range of services.

AMD said...

True, Celltel has to do much more than jus change their name, it they are to come up in the market and compete with Mobitel or even dialog in terms of coverage ( the most important aspect of a mobile service provider )and value added services.

Sudhar said...

For the LBN subscribers, the digital service is really marvelous. From yesterday I am on digital. The quality of the picture and sound is really good and more over there are lot of channels which was not mention on the channel list on the LBN website. Example B4U music, Z music. Dubai One etc

Its really worth to put digital decoder the only drawback is few channels are encrypted on the decoder but those channels are available on the analog broadcast now (it may be stopped on the coming days).

Anonymous said...


Do you get that noice in digital when you transfer chanels?

How abt the quality of local chanels?

SP said...

World Cup 2007 now on Sony Max Live Started with Extra Innings.

Sudhar said...

So far I haven't transfered any channels but once the channel scan is done, the default audio setting is LEFT, I am manually changing to STREO to get good sound (You can notice this change in CNN, Star plus and few other channels)
Local channels also really good in the digital mode, comparing to local channels from analog feed from LBN.

Sudhar said...

I think most of the premium channels are encrypted, its same in the digital service. If subscribed only it can be viewed other wise its locked. The decoder has RF out put, RF cable can be connected to TV as normal analog input from decoder. When the decoder is kept ON, the RF feed to TV tends to have few dots. If any one wants to watch from normal analog feed, it’s better to keep the decoder in stand by mode.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I hope all of you have seen this article.
Looks like Muhunthan is not good in Arithmatics. Or Nushad Perera is not good in that.

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