Thursday, August 09, 2007

NDTV Profit launched

LBN has launched Indian business new channel NDTV Profit on its Digital service. This is the sister channel of the Indian news channel NDTV 24X7 (this channel is also available on LBN). This expands the total number of channels on LBN Digital to 65.

LBN has more channels in the pipeline which will be launched soon.

Please keep us updated on the latest on LBN as the days progress.


star said...

Now derana channel is working on the digital. Still Star Gold is not woring on the Digital line.

Channel V & Zee Trendz not available on Digital. Same way some of the local channels also not available.

But all these channels are available on their analog line.

What are the NEW channels coming up?

star said...

BBC Entertainment Channels Acquire Southern Star TV Movies

BBC Worldwide has acquired three Southern Star TV movies for broadcast on the BBC Entertainment channel in India, Asia and Africa.

The titles, Empathy, Sea of Souls and Life Line, were all produced by Carnival Film and Television Production for BBC One. BBC Entertainment is to offer the best of contemporary drama and entertainment, and these three thrillers play to this strength.

star said...

Now 70 channels on LBN digital line. Star Gold, Channel V & Zee Trendz all now available on Digital line. Also, they have added up MAX TV, ETV & ARTV in their digital line but these 3 channels are still not activated in the digital line. They may do it today.

Well done LBN. Now 70 channels.

They will add some more channels very soon.

hiru said...

I did a channel search y'day around 6.30 p.m ..but I got only 61 as opposed to 64 we had earlier.It only had MAX TV at that time. May be they have added the rest later.

hiru said...

@sudhar & Star

some of the channels have volume issues ( some high..some low). I balance it manually. But everytime when we do a channel search we need to balance it again ( via remote)

Do you guys experience this and how do you handle it. Is there anyway that we could keep the volume at same level through the system?

Amaris said...

I also seached and got 61. How is it that STAR gets 70.

Sudhar said...

I think the channels are still being added and sorted. Thats the reason yesterday night it dropped to 61 channels. Even the channels numbers are also changed
Now they have added AUSTRALIA Network.
Regarding the volume right now I am reducing the TV. I hope they will set the default volume once these new channels additions are over.

star said...

Hi every one. When you do auto searched you will get only 61 channels. Then you have to do the manual search to get the balance 9 channels.

Manual search frequence 370.