Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Subscriber dissatisfaction

Many of the LBN subscribers are expressing dissatisfaction over the sudden halting of channel expansion and the cost of digital upgrading. Many channels that were promised to their subscribers have not been launched after the last channel was introduced in the form of Zee Sports way back in November 2007.

The retaining of the Analog service and the replacement of channels with others seems to have caused some form of confusion which adds to the cost of the digital upgrade. LBN are apparently saying that they will discontinue the analog service but however they have retained it and are also promoting it.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding LBN as the days progress.


star said...

Raj Musix to target entire family

Raj Musix, the Tamil music channel from the Raj stable that launched officially on 23 January 2008, plans to target all age groups at different times of the day.The new channel, that has been on a trial run since 15 August last year, will air Tamil movie songs, tracks from private albums, film snippets,chat shows and celebrity interviews throughout the day.

The programming line up includes phone in shows and SMS request shows, that will have audiences calling in with birthday wishes for film stars and requests for songs. There will also be lifestyle segments showcasing the life of film and music industry celebrities, say officials. In house research indicates that while certain time bands will appeal to youth, bands like the afternoon will be used to play serious or classical music that can appeal to the elderly set, say sources.

Raj Musix is part of the bouquet of six channels that the group intends to roll out, with an estimated investment of Rs five billion. Apart from a general entertainment channel and an English news channel, the group plans to roll out music channels in Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. The rest of the music channels will be unveiled in the coming six to nine months.

Kalaingar said...

It is pity that this is happening, but it is hard to neglect the real facts. We have quite often pointed out the needless Religious Channels on Analog Basic. As a Basic Analog user I am experiencing clarity problems in some of the important channels like AXN, Star World and Kalainger TV. However GOD & EWTN Channels are crystal clear. But I have skipped tuning those channels as I don’t watch them. Another problem is when I combine two antannaes to receive MTV, Sirasa, Shakthi Channels, then there is another problem. I think Shakthi TV and MTV (Music Television) are both interfering to each other’s frequency. So for now I have to change the cable every time when I want to watch Shakthi. The main problem here is that no one from LBN is reading what is written here in forum.

star said...

From reliable information, it is now learn that LBN too got their decorder equipments. Within few days time they will also add more channels. What about FOX channels?

Nalin said...

Did you arrange an interview with Mr.Nimal Laxapathiarachchi , to know the in side & out side of Sri Lankan electronic media industry, what we can expect from Sri Lankan media industry in near future & what are his plans to do in Sri Lankan media in future, etc..? Hope you'll post a feedback to my inquiry as soon as possible

LKDOOD said...
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LKDOOD said...


why are you so exited about
Mr.Nimal Laxapathiarachchi ?

Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS & CHAT

star said...

Zee to relaunch Tamil channel

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, one of the country's leading entertainment groups, is all set to launch its Tamil channel again. Zee Tamizh, the new 24 hours entertainment channel, will be launched with in six months so said by the group's South CEO G Ramprasad yesterday. According to him, they will come out with a Malayalam channel too along with the Tamil channel.

Ramprasad told this correspondent, "The Tamil channel world is not new to Zee Group. We launched Bharathi TV, an entertainment channel, 5 years back which was a failure due to many reasons. What we lacked was technical expertise as well as good content. We hope that our new team will be able to handle the channel now and make it a huge success."

Jina said...

I have the LBN Analog and via a splitter give the signal to three TV in my house so everybody can watch their favourite channels without any problem.

With the Digital Signal i was wandering whether two TV's can see the list we get from analog signal and fix the decoder box to the third TV cable and see the channels as digital with extra channels. Can somebody enlighten me whether this is possible ?

This is the only reason i am sticking with LBN where as dialog doesnt given this facility but gives a another decoder free if you purchase thier premium channel.


TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

TechnoGuy's Blog: 1st Anniversary

My blog is reaching its 1st anniversary in two days time. I would greatly appreciate it if readers here could drop in, read my blog and give their vote on how well I have done. Thank You.

Amaris said...
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Amaris said...

My dear Jina

What you are doing breaches your agreement with LBN! If you want to do what you are doing, you have to pay LBN an extra rental. So better keep quiet and better not ask questions in public fora about it.

Also may I ask why you say that this is the ONLY reason that you are sticking with LBN?

Could you please tell what Dialog offers that LBN doesn't?

Is the picture quality better on Dialog?
Is the rental less on Dialog?
Is the service disruption due to rain, etc. less on Dialog?
Is the channel selection better on Dialog?

Please tell the reason you would leave LBN for Dialog. The answer to ALL the questions above would be NO for me but maybe I am missing something really big here.

Of course Dialog is Satellite based and if you like the status symbol of a satellite dish on an outside wall you should get Dialog. Also most of their agents have foreign accents but are as useless as the LBN ones.

An answer to your question...

YES, you can get LBN to fix the decoder to give the digital signal to one TV and they you can split the signal before it enters the decoder and give that to the other TVs to give them the analog signal.

But better not tell that to LBN as they would not like it and you better reset the wires as they were when LBN first installed them BEFORE asking them to come to your house to give the digital connection!

Amaris said...


The second decoder you get with Dialog is free BUT THE CONNECTION IS NOT.

You WILL have to pay a rental for that also. You can choose from any of their packages or set plans.

No hanky panky of splitting the signal as there is no analog signal like LBN and no unencrypted least not ones that are worth watching......

Amaris said...

There is a rumour going around that LBN is going to be takenover by Suntel....Anyone heard this??

Jehan said...


I'm from Wattala, Wattala Area Cable Covered by LBN Networks, But in these couple of Months, they have reduced their channel order, when they commence operation in this area there are 54 Chanels displayed.

But at this moment, they are operating only 26 to 30 channels, a week ago, it also reducing.

from their opeations there are no news channels such as, BBC CNN.some any how only al jazeera is working. also there are no music channels to view us.

So, if this situation is continued wattala area customers compell to go for Dialog or any others satelite devices.


Jude said...

It is with Disgust and and anger brought on by my dealings with Dialog Tv that I put down my comments here.

I believe It the greatest injustice done to CBN Sat customers was to have CBN Sat Taken over by Dialog. Dialog tv Reaks of incomeptance. It is a case of incompetents by Ninconpoops.

When I complained of a problen with my connection on 29.02.2008 I was informed that the problem will be corrected in 48 hours.

When I called to day again the call center they tell me that they will inform the technical department.

I do not pay my bills to the the technical department nor the marketing Department nor to the customer care department but ti Dialog TV. To me If my connection is not working the way it should, as far as I am concerned it is a problem of Dialog TV.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was informed that today being a Sunday they were not available. When I wanted to speak to a customer care manager I was informed they to day being a Sunday that they were not available. Its surprising that disconnection to service will be done even on a Sunday if the bills are not paid.

I then requested the number of the supervisor or the customer care manager so that I may complain of the gross incompetence of the staff I was told that they don't give out personal telephone numbers. I asked again but this time I was specific "I want the official contact numbers of your supervisor and the customer care manager" ; as he did not seem to have an iota of common sense. This too he refused. Then I asked him for the official contact number of Dr. Hanse Wijesuriya. This too he refused.

All in all what we see is that The employees are allowed to be inefficient, useless, good for nothing rotter's but we "valuable" customers have no one to complain.

Jina said...

Gentemen ,

Is is it possible to install a dish antenna and get all the signals given by dialog , LBN for free may be with a special decoder ?

What costs are we looking at ?

LankaMedia said...

yes its possible,

you are looking at around Rs.30000.00 one time investment.

Visit :