Thursday, April 10, 2008

Suba Aluth Awruddak Wewa

We take this opportunity to wish the Management, Staff & Subscribers of LBN a Peaceful, Happy & Prosperous New Year.

With LBN taking on the other service providers by providing free decoders to new customers, etc we are sure that LBN will be a force to be reckoned with during the coming year.


LKDOOD said...

Happy new year !

LANKA INFO said...

Who said entertainment in Sri Lanka is dead?

Raz-00-n said...

IPL is a total black out, thanks to the non-availability of either SetMax or any other broadcasting channels on LBN list. Even the local broadcasters Shakthi/MTV/Sirasa is not in LBN List. We sincerely hope LBN will do the necessary to get SetMax as soon as possible. Set Max also has the rights for cricket in New Zealand, and also the channel that broadcasted Cricket World Cup in 2007

star said...

It is very sad that LBN did not add SONY MAX channel to get IPL cricket matches.

We need this channel ASAP.

star said...

Broadcasters declare a la carte, bouquet rates for non-Cas areas

Broadcasters have informed the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) of their bouquet and a la carte prices to cable TV operators in non-Cas (conditional access system) areas .

Trai has made the rates public and put them up on its website, but has said that these should not be taken as approved by the regulator.

DTH (direct-to-home) players must be given these channels at half the prices mentioned for cable operators in non-Cas areas.

Trai has made it clear, however, that these published rates are "only meant to provide a basis for appropriate interconnection agreements on non-discriminatory basis between broadcasters on one hand and MSOs/cable operators on the other."

It says too: "These rates as published in the website of Trai should not be taken as approved by the Trai or as rates applicable at the consumer's end.

"It may also be noted that the channels not mentioned in the list may be considered as Free to Air (FTA) channel for non-Cas areas."

The prevalent bouquets as on the first day of 31 December 2007 are required to be offered by the broadcasters, and additional bouquets of channels can also be offered by the broadcasters, Trai says.

So far, the highest priced bouquet comes from Channel Plus' bouquet VIII of 16 channels, with the top southern channels like Sun, Gemini, Udaya, Udaya Music, Sun News and others, priced at Rs 91.50.

In the bouquet 1 pack, Zee Turner Ltd. comes second, with channels like Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Cartoon Network, Zee Café and Zee Studio, among others, priced at Rs 61.20.

The highest priced single channel is, expectedly, from a sportscaster, and Nimbus has reported its Neo Sports Plus at Rs 34, while ESPN and Star Sports come for Rs 33.13.

The lowest priced single channel is Channel [V], at a mere one rupee.

Trai says that earlier the broadcasters had reported their prices which had been put up on the regulator's website for the benefit of MSOs to work out deals, and adds: "Subsequently, the Authority had extensive interactive discussion with various broadcasters.

"The broadcasters have now voluntarily updated the bouquet rates and a-la-carte rates of their channels for cable TV operation in non-CAS areas."

On the issue of DTH price offers, Trai, in a separate statement, says: "The rates of bouquets and a-la-carte rates of pay channels so offered to the DTH operators will broadly be in consonance with the Tdsat's judgment dated 31 March, 2007", which halves the prices for DTH players.

"All bouquet rates and the a-la-carte rates must satisfy the provisions of the afore-said Interconnection regulations," Trai says.

star said...

Big TV Website with working links

This is from the website... Packages starting at RS 100

star said...

ALL the links on

is working very fine so the commercial launching is imminent. It will launch in days time,with initial payment for sTB & installation will be aroung rate of 1500/- with monthly recharge of channel pakage starts from minimum 110/- to maximum of 400/- what package u select.........

so wait is over ready for new digital experience BIG TV...

star said...

Check the updated website of SUN DIRECT DTH.

more than 100 channels at very very low cost.

They will add another 100 channels in coming months with all the sports & news channels.

star said...

DD Direct Plus DTH TV Channel list. These channels are available FREE of charge on a KU band dish (ie. 2 ft small dish).

1. DD National
2. DD News
3. DD Sports
4. DD India
5. DD Bharati
6. DD Bangla
7. DD Chandana
8. DD Gujarati
9. DD Kashir
10. Lok Sabha TV
11. DD North-East
12. DD Oriya
13. DD Podhigai
14. DD Punjab
15. DD Sahyadri
16. DD saptagiri
17. DD Malayalam
18. MH1 Music
19. Enter 10 Channel
20. Rajya Sabha
21. Kairali Channel
22. 9XM
23. Total TV
24. Zee Smile
25. PTC News
26. Aastha TV
27. ETC
28. Makkal TV
29. Time TV
30. Zee Jagran
31. DW-TV
32. KBS World
36. Test 16
37. Test 17
38. Test 18
39. Test 19
40. Test 20
41. Gyandarshan
42. Jaihind TV
43. Music India
44. Kalaignar TV
45. DD Urdu
46. Star Utsav
47. Win TV
48. B4U Music
49. Gyandarshan 2
50. Mega TV

Channels available as part of free channels from NSS 6 satellite

51. Live India
52. ETC Punjabi
53. Zee Jagran
54. Isai Aruvi
55. Play TV
56. Aakaash Bangla

star said...

New HD Channel now available on SUN DIRECT.

But still it only displays no signal. I thought it will be display service currently scrambled. If they add one more channel in that it will be great.

LankaMedia said...

Hi star.. pls check..