Thursday, June 21, 2012

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In order to improve your experience with us and for us to be able to interact better with our fellow bloggers who we are certain have got facebook accounts. We decided to launch this blog and its sisters blogs under the TV & Radio Sri Lanka banner.


SAMPATH said...

Mahen,What's ur comment about Mr.nimal laxpathiarachchi's sudden should post a comment....

star said...

LBN is not adding any new channels for last few months. Still with 111 channels.

As a cable TV operator, they can add many channels because there is not capacity issue.

Still no news about HD channels.

No JAYA TV channels. No Set MAX sports channels. No SONY MAX channel. Many English channels also missing in their line up.

mali said...

LBN Customer care needs reorganization,After a complaint is made you do not receive any update, sometimes for days, there seems to be no proper coordination between Customer Care and the Maintenance section.
am one of those affected .