Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 - The Year in review

2012 has been quite a quiet year for LBN subscribers. LBN still retains their position as the most vibrant pay television operator in Sri Lanka & arguably the best pay television company in Sri Lanka. The most number of channels and the best channel clarity.

The only drawback being the failure to launch HD, which hasn't effected their position as the leading operator too much.

However in 2013 LBN subscribers are looking for the launch of HD and a host of other services.


star said...

What happen to HBO channels? Still no updates and no HBO channels and Cinemax channel.

Now more than one month.

star said...

LBN still not add Jaya tv in their line up.

We are missing good programs. Last 3 days, jaya tv telecasted the A.R.raguman's music show program. Wow great show and we missed it.

Jaya is getting all new movies collection including viswaroopam .

star said...

Still no news about HD channels even after they told it will come vey soon in their FB page around 6 months ago.

Some new channels are replaced few weeks ago but their line up it is still showing as test channels. Why they can't update the name?

Why they are so lazy?

No additional channels for last 6 months. Only they removed some channels and replaced with other channels.

star said...

In other part of world, cable tv adding new channels every months. New channels are come every month.

Even Vijay tv started new tamil movie channel. I don't know when we will get all these channels in LBN.