Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HBO channels off air for several weeks

Complains are coming in that the HBO channels which went off-air a few weeks ago are still unavailable on LBN Cable TV. According to information being received the customer care officers are giving various excuses for the unavailability of the channel.

We hope that LBN rectifies the matter soon and are able to restore the channel as soon as possible and offer a discount to the subscribers who have been unable to view the channel due to it being off air.

In other news LBN added Sirasa TV to their lineup a few weeks ago. Sirasa which pulled itself out of LBN a few years ago saying that they can operate independently and ridiculed the concept of cable tv are now begging operators to carry their channel.

1 comment:

Dylan Fambeck said...

hi i bought lbn about 5 monts back i wanna know when new channels arrive is it a normail thing for reformatting the set top box 2 receive them ?as lb told me 2 reformat and will i have 2 do it in the future?