Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's happening to HBO & Cinemax channels?

For about a month now all the HBO channels including Cinemax have been off air. No information has been provided as to when the channels will return & no updates regarding the status has been provided to the subscriber.

We hope LBN takes steps to reduce the rental for subscribers who are paying for these channels but are unable to watch them.

LBN should take immediate steps and bring these channels back on air and make sure that this scenario is not repeated. This is not the first time that channels vanish from LBN for a period of several weeks and return.


Warren said...

Many Calls have been made to the LBN office,all they say is that it's a technical issue.All I can see is that they have failed to pay the HBO guys and thus they have terminated their services.
I hope something is done really quickly since we the subscribers are paying good money to LBN.

Dylan Fambeck said...

Ok i went twice to lbn they said it is a contract issue with hbo and they are reducing 300 from monthly payment. Some peiple say that hbo has increased their costs and lbn js not with hbo anymore looks like it.BUT they told me they are testing 12 hd channels and they will be out soon i dont know if its true or false as they have told the same thing before:)

Dylan Fambeck said...

Switching 2 videocon or dishtv soon

Charith Atukorala said...

This is a real shame as they were providing a very good service. And now as of lately, they are acting very unprofessional by not clearly answering the customers queries. Im sure alot of subscribers are wondering if they should switch to another cable operator, since they keep giving bogus dates of when the HBO service would be activated. If the company does not make a statement real soon, they would loose alot of customers.

Stephanie Clark said...

I like your blog bcz you describe channels demerit. Tvmagic my organization giving services of tv/cable in Australia and also watching these channel and I like it. Some change always done to show some new things to attract people more and more. Thanks for post.