Friday, June 07, 2013

Ad's to be reduced on Indian feeds of channels

Those of you who are sick of the advertisements carried on the Indian feeds of International channels over all  the pay television operators in Sri Lanka can rejoice at a recent ruling that has placed an ad cap on channels commencing next month.

As per the new regulations, advertisements on Indian feeds of channels will not 20 min per hour for news channels and 16 min for GEC's (General Entertainment Channels) from July 1st 2013.

The regulations further state that from October 1st 2013 advertisements for GEC's & news channels cannot exceed 12 min per hour.

This only applies for Indian feeds of channels being received into Sri Lanka, most of the other feeds that originate outside Indian such as those from Singapore are more or less commercial free for the most part.


star said...

Bad to worst in LBN.

Now Asian feed channel of Sony Entertainment removed and replaced with Indian feed of Sony Picutre channel.

Same way Asian feed channel of AXN Beyond removed and replaced with Indian feed of Fox channel (coming from Videocon DTH to LBN)

star said...

Now most of the channels come from LBN are from the Dish Tv DTH or Videocon DTH or Sun direct DTH.

You can see these DTH logo in the channel itself.


Star Movie channel from Dish Tv DTH.
Fox channel from Videocon DTH
Star Gold channel from Videocon DTH
Zee Cinema channel from Videocon DTH
Colors channel from Videocon DTH
MTV music channel from Videocon DTH
Disney channel from Sun Direct DTH
Zee cafe from Videocon DTH
Star world channel from Videocon DTH
CBS prime channel from Videocon DTH
Neo sports channel from Dish Tv DTH.

These are just few examples.

star said...

So the sad part is when even for small rains, we are losing the signals because these channels from Indian DTH. Signals are very weak...

But, we can watch other channels which are not from Indian DTH feed even on heavy rains.

So, it is unfair to the customers who are paying money to LBN and unable to watch channels even for small rains.

star said...

LBN removed the History channel and replaced it with Fox Traveller channel.

E2C said...

NO expanding their coverage even in greater Colombo, surprisingly no interest from their side also.

most probably this company will face same result as what happened to Suntel company..

seems like pay tv monopoly is one the way same as what happened to adsl broadband sector