Friday, January 31, 2014

Setanta Sports feed switching for RBS Six Nations

LBN Cable TV will switch feeds of "Setanta Sports Asia" from tomorrow Feb 1st to accommodate the "LIVE" broadcast of the RBS Six Nations Rugby. This means that during the "LIVE" rugby, LBN will carry a different Setanta Sports feed in the channel slot allocated to Setanta Sports.

Firstly thanks should go to Setanta Sports for providing Sri Lankan rugby fans with a separate feed even though Setanta doesn't hold the rights for the majority of countries it covers & Sri Lanka is a relatively small market. Secondly thanks should go to LBN Cable TV for taking steps to ensure that their subscribers do not miss out on the rugby action.

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star said...

Discovery Tamil channel added and Kidsco channel removed

star said...

CBS Prime, CBS Spark and CBS Love channels removed

Now total no. Of channels are 110 only

Persib Bandung said...

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star said...

From bad to worst, LBN stop all star channels for last few days.

No Star Movies, Star Plus, Star World, ESPN, Star Sports and Star Cricket.

Star Gold replaced with Zee Action and Star Vijay replaced with Jaya TV

star said...

We have to look for alternative solution instead of keeping the LBN connection.


1) No new channels addition during 2014. Only few replacement.
2) missing many important channels
3) No HD channels
4) 90% of channels are from Dish TV, Videocon, Sun Direct and free DD. No direct channel from original channel satellite. It is illegal. During raining time no channels.
5) in other words, DTH home cable TV with poor quality.
6) in other part of the world and India, cable TV providers doing great job with many channels with HD channels and quality services.
7) bad after sales services.
8) cost of service is very high.

Waiting for Dish TV to start service in Sri Lanka and we all move to that.

star said...

LBN having following relious channels

1) Darmavahini
3) God TV
4) Peace TV
5) Gospel Vision
6) Saudi TV
7) Angel TV
8) Buddhist TV
9) Swarga TV

That is really good.

But why not added a single Hindu relious channel ???

star said...

Even admin of this blog lost interest on LBN like the customers of LBN.

No new year wish message for LBN customers.

That shows the status of LBN.

Better Some one else should run this cable TV businees in proper way and make all the customers happy.

star said...

All the Star Channels are back on LBN except Star Movies.

star said...

Star Movie channel was replaced with MGM channel...

I think LBN management don't know what is happening in their office. Already they have MGM channel. Now Star Movie channel also replaced with MGM.

We have now 2 MGM channels on channel no. 5 and 7.

star said...

Now channel count come down to 108 including 2 MGM channels.

All the other pay TV providers increase the channels count and where as LBN is reducing it.

Why LBN management look for a better Invester and sell the company. That will help the Colombo and Greater Colombo customers a better service from the new owner.

Still proving feed from Indian DTH providers such as Sun Direct, Videocon and Dish TV. Why can't get the direct feed?

star said...
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star said...

Jaya TV now added to Digital Line up.

Good news

star said...

Trace HD channel added to LBN. Even though it is HD channel, it is coming as SD.