Tuesday, June 27, 2006

LBN Cable TV Court Case today - 27th June 2006

Customers of LBN Cable TV will be in stitches today as LBN will be in courts for their court hearing today.

Things look positive as news report on LBO website under the heading "Sri Lanka to issue license for satellite TV operators" says that the TRC has asked all Cable TV and Satellite TV companies to register themselves. Todays result of the LBN Case may set the tone for the CBNSat case which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Information is just trickling in and hopefully the blog readers will be able to update this forum on the latest news as and when it happens in court.

Our sincere wish is that the judge will see that the customers are not inconvienced anymore.

Good Luck to the management and legal team of LBN. Your customers are surely standing with you in this time of hardship.

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Anonymous said...

It seems that LBN case has been postponed to the 18th of July.

LBN seems to be having more trouble as they seem not have any clearance from TRC.