Monday, June 26, 2006

LBN Management why are you so silent?

There are rumours going around that LBN does not have approval even from the TRC for them to operate their service.

The management of LBN as far as I hear are not telling their customers anything, neither are they having any press conference to tell their side of the story.

The management of LBN your customers will stand hand in hand with you, but please make your position known.

Over to the management of LBN Cable TV.


Anonymous said...

This is quite true. I regularly check the status with LBN. But the answer I get is “they are still waiting for the court ruling”.

It is pointless to say that they can’t tell anything as there is an ongoing court case. We have every tight to know the real situation.

LBN management please wakes up!!!! If you don’t have proper license, please inform your customers along with the steps have taken to face it. What’s the point you hiding this?

Anonymous said...

common customers , don't be so silent, do something, be active, make them actioned

Anonymous said...

Has anyone visited the LBN offices recently and found out any new info

Anonymous said...

To day LBN's case will be taken at courts.Got the information from a senior manager.

Anonymous said...

I regularly call LBN but they just keep me in the dark. I feel that LBN is in a worst situ than CBNSat. Lets wait and see today...

Anonymous said...

It is frustrating the way LBN is dealing with their customers. The number that they have provided (5300300 ) always goes to an answering machine. It is difficult for us to get the actual scenario. At least CBNSat has their call center opened.

LBN please keep your customer informed about the happenings. We do not blame LBN. We just want to have the service restored again. Please keep some agents at your help desk so that we can get an update.

Good Luck LBN…………..

Anonymous said...

Eventhough it get connected to an answer machine, after a while you get conncted to a rep..

Just hang on for a while

Anonymous said...

It seems that they do not have the TRC clearance to operate.

However, a reps say that they have both Rupavahini& TRC License to operate. I doubt!!!

Please update if any of you guys come across new developments.