Thursday, June 22, 2006

LBN Directors appear in CBNSat case

The LBN Directors had appeared at the CBNSat Case yesterday 21st June 2006. Anyone with the latest news on LBN can make a post regarding this.

I was read an interesting letter by a customer that appeared in The Island 22nd June 2006 Page 7 under the caption Cable TV : Confusion Worst confounded where the reader has written giving their displeasure over the present crisis. It is good for the you out there to give your opinions in the papers in the form of letters to the editor where you can express your frustration over the entire crisis. I am sure the authorities are reading these opinions.

We need well written opinions from the people out their to appear in the newspapers regarding the problems faced by the subscribers who have spent their hard earned money and bought these connections to watch something worthwhile. Even if the operators were operating illegally then the first problem is why did they the authorities wait so long to shut them down and the other issue is that they are shutting down the operators without giving consideration to the people using these services. Given below are the email addresses of major newpapers for their editors. I suggest that you say "Letters to the Editor" in the Subject line of the email.

The Island Editor

The Daily News

The Daily Mirror

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Leader

The Morning Leader

The Nation

Hopefully on Wednesday 28th June 2006 the judge will take a decision and I appeal to the Media Minister to issue the license keeping the interests of the customer in his mind when the decision is being taken. Issue the license and sort out the problems of CBNSat, LBN and also any problems that the SATNet customers themselves maybe having. Make sure that Pay TV customers do not have to go through this situation again.

Maybe if anyone can provide the address, fax number and email address of the Media Ministry then the customers can write to the ministry and also request them to issue the licenses and sort these problems out.

There is no use scolding anyone or blaming anyone let's just concentrate on requesting these people to allow these providers to resume services.

Also a sincere request out to all bloggers. PLEASE DO NOT POST FOUL LANGUAGE

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