Tuesday, June 20, 2006

LBN Case on 27 June 2006

This looks like bad news for the customers of LBN Cable TV. There is information being received that the LBN Cable TV court case is now scheduled for Tuesday 27 June 2006.

Although there is no confirmation of this scenario. We hope the management of LBN will confirm this report.

At least the CBNSat customers had court cases almost every two days. This situation has risen to kill the cable tv industry in sri lanka and the perpetrators of this should be punished immediately.

All CBNSat customers are hoping that CBNSat scenario will be okay from tomorrow. It is time for all the Cable TV Industry players to form an association and the cable tv viewers also to form an association as in the future who knows what the others will be upto. The sad thing is that the Maharaja's and the EAP's and other media institutions have not come forward to support these institutions because they feel that these players are reducing their viewership. In fact they will be happy if all these guys are closed down. Action TV, etc is all none sense when a broadcaster is being victimised and no one does anything about it.



Anonymous said...

Very well said Brother !

Looks like the so called peoples channel is not worried about the thing which was most talked about in the past 2 weeks. Well as with other channels too. They haven't at leaset came to the media gathering which CBNSat held at trans asia hotel.

As you say they have fears that CBNSat will take up their viewership. Definitely it will happen as Sirasa and others show all indian crap with loads of commercials. Same as SHITNet !

From the start Maharaja even didn't come to the platform. I really don't know the status of EAP's because SW came to CBNSat platform but ETV and none of their radio channels didn't.

Anyway I think the whole of Sri Lanka is eagerly waiting to see what will unfold tomorrow and we as customers of CBN who have experienced it right from the day 1 have run out of patience.


Anonymous said...

I saw on Daily mirror today that the court gave orders to LBN to obtain neccesary licences and produce on the 27th

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Could anyone post the article mentioned above regarding the LBN court case that is said the have appeared in the Daily Mirror as I did not see it.

Anonymous said...

No there was no article like that on the daily mirror on 20.06.2006,I think guy has mixed up the the article appearing about CBNsat.

Anonymous said...

Someone told me there was something regarding LBN on The Island. Anyone pls check it and post the contents here.

Anonymous said...

Is LBN a cable or satelite network?

Anonymous said...