Tuesday, June 20, 2006

LBN Directors asked to appear before court tomorrow 21st June 2006

There are reports coming in that the LBN Court Case is today (20th June 2006) in the morning. These are unconfirmed reports, anyone with the correct information is welcome to confirm and update what is happening to us.

Anyway the directors of LBN will have to appear before courts tomorrow along with the directors of CBNSat and SATNet. This appeared in the Daily News of 20th June 2006


Like I mentioned before please keep us updated on the events that transpire today. It looks like information on CBNSat is coming out faster than LBN, hopefully the management at LBN will make necessary arrangements to update us on the happenings regarding the closure of LBN. Let's just hope that everything gets sorted out today.

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Anonymous said...

Bad news for LBN customers

A rep says that there will be another court hearing on next tuesday (27th June)...

This is what we deserve when a set off jokers run the country