Friday, June 16, 2006

LBN Suspends Services

The Cable TV curse has struck again and this time it is LBN who are on the receiving end. The first cable operator CBNSat has not resolved their issues as yet and then the second operator are also shutdown.

LBN Customers you are welcome to comment on this issue on this forum.

This is killing the Cable TV industry in Sri Lanka.


Anonymous said...

We are totally against the procedere of conducting the investigations. Whether it is CBN, LBN or any other workstation.

Sad thing is that LBN is trying to hide this to their customers. When we check this with LBN, once CBN was shut down, it was communicated that they have a proper/valid license which has now become a question mark. Why did they publish a full page add in last week end papers?

Further, nobody is answering their phones now. Why????
At least they should inform their customers.

dilshara said...

LBN rocks (or did until sometime last evening) seriously though does anyone know if their office has been sealed like CBN Sat's was. If not they're behaving in an extremely unprofessional manner by leaving the phones off the hook.

Anonymous said...

i just got a call from LBN informing us of the situation, so we can't say that they are unprofessional, besides that the website was also updated last evening itself. hope LBN will provide the service ASAP.

Anonymous said...

LBN Networks files writ application.

Island 16th June

Anonymous said...

Hey guys looks like I found a phone number and email address that we can use for fun.

SAT NET(Pvt) Ltd
Tel: 94 11 2594528 / 2596800
Fax: 94 11 2503640

Web :

Lets call them and give a dose of our what we LBN and CBNSat subscribers are going through. Even the website looks like a copy of CBNSat. So now we are sure of the culprit

Anonymous said...

I feel realy sorry for the employs of above organaisations. going throug a bad times in life.

Anonymous said...

crap satnet website is copy of CBNsat.. ha ha ha thse guys are nuts..

dilshara said...

it's quite decent of LBN to put on radio adverts and apologizing for the situation bravo guys your subscribers are with you

Jassie said...

LBN should have informed the customers regarding the status of their work regarding the case, we have a right to know. the courts should have given a warning or time and then disconnect, it has become a physiological need now. - foreigner