Friday, June 16, 2006

Time to fax your problems to the relevant authorities

LBN Customers are left wondering what is happening since LBN temporarily halted operations from yesterday. This is just under a week after LBN went Digital. It looks like LBN has followed the same fate as CBNSat but we do not know the situation still and hopefully things will become clearer as the weekend progresses.

A reader has included this information that I have posted below. If there is anyone interested in writing to these people please do so and I have given below the names and addresses;

Mr.Kanchana Ratwatta
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
276 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 8.
Sri Lanka.

Fax : 2689341

If LBN is a BOI Company the you can write to the BOI Chairman also. I am not sure of its BOI status.


Prof. Lakshman R. Watawala
Chairman / Director General
Board of Investment of Sri Lanka

Level 26, West Tower, World Trade Center,Colombo 01, Sri Lank
Director General
Fax : 2447994 / 5

Mr. Sisira Kothalawala
Director General
Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation
Independence Square
Colombo - 07
Fax: +941 - 2500373

Fax them the appeals for restoring services, since a fellow reader mentioned to me that they cut the line if you call them. The sooner the better.

LBN customers should also fax a letter informing of your grievaness and requesting LBN to restore transmission immediately on their fax number which I hope someone will post here. It is time for the viewers of LBN and CBNSat to hold hands since they are being victimised against.

A big thank you for those who are updating this forum and I hope you continue to do so throughout the weekend. Who knows what will happen during the weekend.

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