Monday, June 19, 2006

What is happening to LBN?

LBN has been carrying out advertisements on Radio Channels regarding the ceasing of their operations due to the present inquiry.

There have been no reports though on what type of action they have taken against the perpetrators of this situation. Have they taken the matter to courts? Anyone who can enlighten us on this issue, you are welcome to do so.


Anonymous said...

I saw some articles in the saturday and todays papers that LBN case is also today. But don't know whether press people misreported it with the CBN case.

Anonymous said...

LBN reps say that they can gove an update after 4 p.m today.

CBN case seems to be ok as judge has requested the authorities to grant the license ASAP. Another hearing on 21st.

No news abt LBN yet

Anonymous said...

how did you get in touch with the LBN reps dying to know what's going on and missing world cup action at the same time. Loads of peeps seem to know what's up with CBNSat but anyone with more info on LBN please do post

Anonymous said...

LBN case has been postponed till today (20th June) morning. If you get any news on that please update. Hope we could hear some good news as day progresses.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how LBN seems to have a lack of customer relations in this situation. While CBN seems to be giving it's customers at least a vague outline of their situation, as an LBN customer for over 4 years, I find it extremely frustrating that they have not informed any of their customers about any developments in the situation, and their office phone lines seem to be constantly off the hook. Great way for them to lose customers. Went and collected Comet's brochure today.