Friday, July 21, 2006

LBN Court Case postponed to 26th July 2006

We are receiving information that the Court Case has been postponed till the 26th of July 2006. This has something to do with the Temporary License we are told. This is not confirmed.

Anyone who has the confirmed information please post the information as the day progresses. Also please post any new developments as the weekend progresses.

It is time for some joint action on the part of CBNSat and LBN Customers. Please read the post below for further information on it.


ammapa! said...

just give up on this. don't get yourselves worked up over all these delays. It'll come back at some time.

Till then just read a book or go play some sport or something.

The cable being on the blink is not the end of the world.

kenzo said...

Its not about it being the end of the world u freek!!!! Its about a persons right to be informed or entertained. Its true that a stone in the middle of the river would not change its course. But if there is a huge roch in the middle of the river it just might be enogh to stop the flow... Its because of passive people like you that this country is in this sorry state of affairs.. People like you are like jus like grass.. JUST LETTING YOUR SELF BE BLOWN IN THE WIND.. Now I know this may hurt you and you may resort to using filth on this blog and all to scold me... but that is just who u are... You wont be afraid to take me on as you know I am a small man.. But you cannot take on a big politition cuz you are too scared and spineless.. So do us all a favour and atleast write a letter to the authorities MR AMMAPA!!

ammapa kathaawa said...

ammapa! mehemath katha!

actually it's the fact that there are more important things in our dialy existance that is more important than getting your "infotainment" flowing freely. There are so many ways to info-entertain yourself other than starworld or cnn.

if your gonna get stressed over something... pick something worthier. Do something to save a bugger on the street, not to save your oh so precious right to sit on your ass indented couch and eat yourselves silly while giggling along with friends and watching the canned info of cnn.

If you want to inform yourselves you can hit the net. if you want to entertain yourselves have a chat with a friend or download something.

Rather than getting all stressed out about some political power play caught up in our clogged up courts theres other ways to get things done and more important things in the context of things to get all worked up about...

not getting my panties in a twist on this... ammapa signing out :)

Anonymous said...

Could not agree with u more ammapa, but u have to keep in mind that this whole blog is maintained by CBNsat employees so they are in a sense trying to save their own ass.

Consumer activism is a very good thing and I have myself written to the relevant authorities abt this but dont for one second think that this is the biggest issue in the country, there are many more issues we should get involved in if we want this country to progress further and CBNsat and LBN are very low on that list