Friday, July 21, 2006

Extension of Deadline for Cable TV Licenses

The deadline for Cable TV Licenses has been extended, please refer the following link for a detailed report.

Refer Link Extension of Deadline for Cable TV Licenses

Does anyone know what time the LBN Case is? Please do update us on the progress of this case.

LBN Customers the post that we are linking you below, was written for CBNSat Customers but it applies to all of you as well, in case nothing works out today as well. A joint effort with the CBNSat customers will be more productive than a fight alone. Start off with something like a meeting, it is just an idea. You guys and gals have to work on this. Please update this blog as the weekend progresses on the latest news about LBN.

Refer Link CBNSat Customers it is time to take Action


Yuktiya said...

LBN –Case

There want be a temporary licenses issued to the company. According to the media ministry they are working on the permanent licenses. Since TRC licensees closing date today. They will revert back on 26th of this month.

Anonymous said...

Latest news according to a LBN rep is that TRC and ministry has submited the requested documents to the court today and the another hearing has been scheduled for 26th July for the court decision there on