Friday, July 21, 2006

LBN Court Case today 21st July 2006

Customers of LBN Cable TV will be closely watching what happen's today since the LBN hopes that something fruitful will emerge at today's court hearing.

Reports suggest that the TRC and the Media Ministry have been asked to submit documents today regarding LBN. Although initial reports said that the LBN reps have told that transmissions may begin this evening, reports received later suggest the end of this month.

Let's just hope that the authorities concerned will take the plight of over 10,000 LBN Cable Subscribers and issue a favourable verdict.

This has got dragged along for too long and it is now time to stop this madness of trying to suppress the media in sri lanka.

We request the LBN Customers and manangement to keep updating us on the results of today's court hearing.


Yuktiya said...

LBN –Case

There want be a temporary licenses issued to the company. According to the media ministry they are working on the permanent licenses. Since TRC licensees closing date today. They will revert back on 26th of this month.

Anonymous said...

On what basis is it on 26th?

Yuktiya said...

Breaking News.

TRC have extended the closing date for the applications up to August 15th. The next Magistrate court hearing on the Aug 15th. Now one thing is sure, entire episode is well planned. They will another 2 months to evaluate the applications on Aug 15th.

Anonymous said...

Are refering to the LBN case ?

Anonymous said...

Latest news according to a LBN rep is that TRC and ministry has submited the requested documents to the court today and the another hearing has been scheduled for 26th July for the court decision there on