Thursday, August 03, 2006

LBN Cable TV Court hearing today 3rd Aug 2006

LBN Cable TV is having it's Court hearing today. We presume that there are two hearings today, one being the Magistrates Court hearing and the other being the Appeals Court hearing. LBN which we said did not fight the case strongly all these days has made one of the best appeals to the Appeal Court regarding the injustices done to them.

This is clearly a work of the vested interests in the government who are trying to bring down two of the best pay tv operators (CBNSat & LBN) and allow their political favourites to start their own operations.

Can anyone please confirm the hearings to be held today as well as the time of the respective hearings. We would also like to request our fellow readers to update us on the results of todays hearings as soon as you get information.

We appeal to the learned individuals at the respective courts to see the injustices done to the company as well as it's subscribers and issue the verdict to restart operations.


Anonymous said...

what time is the hearing???

Anonymous said...

i am also amazed at the lack of reporting on the matter by other just cant seem to find any information on the matter out in the public domain...being from India this comes as a rude shock !

Anonymous said...

Called LBN, Case postponed till the 21st of August :)

Liberated said...

Does the CBN sat ruling have any bearing on LBN? hope so! maybe LBN should go to the Supreme Court too, Cheif Justice seems to be the only way to go!

Anonymous said...

what is LBN number to call ?

Wish i had CBN Sat :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Postponement is confirmed. Delay is mainly due to court vacations.

But LBN says that they will go to courts tomorrow to ask for a test transmission

Anonymous said...

LBN numbers

(011) 5 300 300
(011) 5 36 23 23