Monday, August 28, 2006

LBN sends letter to subscribers

The below letter was sent to all LBN Customers on Friday according to an email from Mr. Shirantha Herath Managing Director, LBN.

Dear Customer

Please accept our sincere apologies for not communicating to you earlier. This is because the matter was in court and there was no clear direction that we could communicate as well as we did not want to prejudice the courts

At today’s(25th Aug) hearing in the Court of Appeal the attorneys for both the TRC and the CID stated that LBN’s application for a license from the TRC has been forwarded to the defence ministry for clearance in accordance with a Presidential Directive and a response will be given by Friday, 1st of September.

The TRC requested for one more week to process the application. The court noted that the TRC will process LBN’s application on a priority basis if and when Defence clearance is received.

We reiterate our commitment to resuming the transmission at the very earliest and once again deeply regret any inconvenience caused and are most grateful for your patience, understanding and loyalty.



Anonymous said...

I am bit confused with the 3rd paragraph about TRC need one more week to process when in the 2nd paragraph, it indicates that both the TRC and the CID stated that LBN’s application for a license from the TRC has been forwarded to the defence ministry for clearance.

Does it mean that TRC need one week to give license once defense ministry gives the clearance? Who is supposed to response by Friday, 1st of September?

Have I messed up the facts? 

Anonymous said...

Defence to give clearance by Friday. If and when clearance is given and on recipt of defence clearance TRC to process the application on a priority basis.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody clear the above doubt as facts are not that clear.

Separately, it is hard to believe that even LBN (wired/cable TV operator) needs defense clearance.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

The next LBN Court hearing is on 11th September 2006.

It is not a surprise that LBN needs Defense Ministry clearance since even CBNsat has to be cleared by the Defense Ministry.


Anonymous said...

To Admin

LBN didn't have the security issues since they had limited wired/cable area.

Authorities made allegations against CBN satellite transmission ( eventhough there was no such threat).That is why they are very keen on defence clearance.

Anonymous said...

They had issues with their Licenses

Anonymous said...

Its hard to beleive that the defence(MOD) will issue their clearance by 01.09.2006,This MOD clearance could take months or even years at their dscretion.

All these issues are brought up to destroy CBN/LBN in the interest of Hulla/Balla.

When you look at the past proceedings it is highly doubtful that this process will be sorted out so soon.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the above comment. Even I believe that the 2nd comment (defence to give clearance by Friday) is just a gut feeling rather than a reality. Please don’t believe this un reliable reps from LBN.

It is unfair that some operate without this kind of a clearance still.

Anonymous said...

To me this letter is totally misleading the subscribers. How can you expect a reply within a week from MOD?
In one place it says "defence to response by 01.09.2006" and separately says that if & when defence clearence".

LBN MD - Please explain

Anonymous said...

I think we should all convince TATASKY to operate into Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

According to LBN letter, MOD to response by tomorrow. Let's wait & see their re-action.

Anonymous said...

I got the letter today