Thursday, August 24, 2006

LBN replies..........on 24th Aug 2006

Dear TV Radio Sri Lanka,

Thank you for your mail and we fully appreciate the good work you are doing on behalf of the customers.

We concede to the criticism that we have not kept our customers informed as well as we should. However we are embroiled in this very unpleasant legal wrangle and the matter is now before courts as you are aware. As a result of this we are constrained from fully informing our customers of the facts as we do not want to prejudice our case.

On the 21st of August the CID, TRC and the Media ministry were requested to file objections(Written submissions against the case presented by LBN) and LBN have to file counter objections on the 25th of August and the court will set dates for the hearing thereafter. We are confident that an early date will be set for arguments as the courts seem to appreciate the urgency.

Once again thank you for your good work and support.

Kind regards
Shirantha Herath
Managing Director

***Note :- We would like our LBN readers to keep us updated on the happenings at court tomorrow and as the days progress.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean the hearing has not yet started for LBN. From what I understood the formal hearing starts after LBN counters the objection on the 25th. Looks as if this too is going to be a very lengthy legal nightmare. Whan u consider the fact that a simple conviction for a burglery takes years to be handed out in our legal system, I'm not surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to hear from The MD himself...Its a pity that communication with customers is just dropped...

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the comments made by LBN MD

We understand that you need to keep some of the facts confidential due to on going court case. However, we insist that LBN management must have a plan with their reps as to how they should communicate with customers in order to provide possible information in a meaningful manner rather than giving bullshit answers and hopes to customers. Or else, we sincerely hope that you could make arrangements to update the LBN link in order to avoid these unreliable reps and get our self updated with the status of LBN.

We further believe that you have taken necessary action against that Baluwardana for disclosing so called confidential information openly.

Anonymous said...

Yes,This Baluwardena is the Cancer behind this whole issue and He is also running on Rajanayakes licence,Why no legal action against him or TV Lanka.

This is all conspiracy to gain the market by them