Thursday, August 24, 2006

LBN hearing on 25th Aug 2006

We have reports that LBN has a hearing on 25th Aug 2006. Although the details of the hearing are sketchy. With the CBNsat hearing being postponed to Sep 18th, it would be great if LBN gets a good result at their hearing but this looks highly unlikely though. We have also emailed the Managing Director of LBN asking him to arrange for proper distribution of information about the LBN hearings and their results. As of now we have not received a reply from him.

Today (24th) LBN is scheduled to carry out test transmissions and it should have begun at 10:00AM and is scheduled to end at 4:00PM according to the court ruling. Anyone receiving the test transmissions.

Please keep us posted on the result of the 25th Aug court hearing of LBN as the days progress.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to TV & Radio Sri Lanka.

Let's C the response from LBN.

Hope that they would get a favarouble response tomorrow as LBN does not seems to have a so called security threat by the authority jokers.

Anonymous said...

Who knows!!!!!Authorities might say that LBN cables can be used to connect Claymore Mine from a remote area. Hence they too need clrearence from MOD :( :(

Anonymous said...


says LBN reps