Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Communication from LBN regarding hearing

Given below is the communication that we received from LBN regarding the LBN hearing that was held yesterday(Sept 11th).

"At the court of Appeal today(Sept 11th) , the counsel for the TRC stated that the defence Approval for LBN has been received by the TRC and that the TRC license will be processed during the course of this week. (Before 15th Friday)

The next date for the hearing was set for Tuesday 19th September 2006."

LBN has also expressed disappointment over not receiving the license yesterday but they are hopeful of receiving the license soon and have not given us any specific date for resuming transmissions. LBN may not be wanting to commit a date for resuming transmissions due to the elastic nature of these court hearings. This is quite understandable taking into account the nature of the state institutions and the legal system. After all this is Sri Lanka.

Please keep us updated on any new developments regarding LBN as the days progress.


Anonymous said...

the news is better than what we have been reading so far ...i think we just might get to see some normal television soon

Anonymous said...

I feel they are still buying time and now untill the supreme court hearing of CBNsat on the 18th.The outcome of this will have a big effect on how soon LBN will get the licence and the next hearing seems to have deliberately postponed to the 19th.

Anonymous said...

i'm 100% sure that LBN would not be getting licence on 19/9/06.
because Mahinda Rajapaksa is out in the world

Anonymous said...

Who knows!!! He may save signed it before left to Cuba :(

Anonymous said...

in sri lanka nothing happens earlier always later. I also beleive the SC judgment on 18th will play a big role on the whole thing.

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