Monday, September 11, 2006

LBN gets MoD clearance

We are receiving unofficial information that LBN has been cleared by the MoD and that the application has been handed over to the President for his approval.

According to reports that we are receiving we are getting information that LBN should be back on air within two weeks. The next hearing for LBN is scheduled for September 19th where the Presidents approval will be announced. We feel that the TRC will issue the license to LBN within a week after the Presidents approval is given since the TRC had requested for one week after approval for the license during a previous hearing.

We are still awaiting official confirmation from LBN themselves regarding this court hearing since none of the above information that we have given is confirmed.

Please keep us updated on this as the day progresses.


Anonymous said...

Trust all stations once they resume transmissions. Are we loyal customers gonna pay for all their costs. Every time the answer is "....By the end of the month, we are confident to start our transmissions". 3 months later we are still awaiting the President's decision and then the TRC will issue the license. Follow the money and use your vote and advise others too to vote for the devolopment of the country!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If its all true we are happy for all the LBN customers who deprived of quality content.

Though the CBNsat case is to be taken up on the 18th the scenario will be entirely differant as they were specificaly targeted

Anonymous said...

What a joke that the application should be sent to the President for aproval.


Anonymous said...

Of course the president has to approve everything. He is the representative of the people. Next he will be approving your annual leave, sick leave and even the day to day tasks. He is the SUPERPREZ, the PRESIDENATOR, the IRON MAN. He can do it all.
Thats why he has to approve the TV station licence. He will probably also get involved in issuing dog licenses.