Tuesday, September 05, 2006

LBN response to our email

We sent an email to Mr. Shirantha Herath asking him to about the MoD response regarding LBN and this is the reply we received.

"Shirantha Herath (LBN)" wrote:

The MOD clearance will be given direct to TRC and we have not heard if this has been received by the TRC.

What we understand from this is that the MoD response will remain a mystery until the September 11th Court Hearing.

Please continue to update us on any information regarding LBN. We like to thank Mr. Shirantha Herath for giving information in this manner and keeping their subscribers informed.


Anonymous said...

I am suprise see why can't LBN get that clarified from TRC when it is mentioned previously that "MoD to response by 01st Sep( which was postponed til 04th Sep)"

If you wait til everything happens,then....baba hambuwei!!!

Anonymous said...

hey guys . any news on test transmission today

Anonymous said...

There will be no test transmission today as the state institutions are not available to supervise - LBN

Anonymous said...

I hope everything will be ok on the 11th -

Anonymous said...

Hearing is in the morning.

Hope there won't be another postponement