Monday, November 20, 2006

Another license required

According to a report in The Sunday Times Financial Times yesterday the TRC license for LBN has been submitted to the President for approval last week and the TRC expects them to be delivered anytime now. The signed documents will have to be forwarded to Appeals Court on November 28.

However the TRC says that LBN will have to obtain the media license to begin broadcasting. So it looks like LBN customers are also faced with a long wait to watch their favourite channels.

We are not sure whether LBN has this license in the first place and we are unable to obtain confirmation. But it is unlikely that LBN has this license since we are informed that this media license refers to a license which is still being drafted and has to be approved in parliament.

Please keep us updated as the days progress on any news regarding LBN.

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kula said...

So far they haven't received the signed TRC Licence. In case if they don't get it tomorrow or day after, then they won’t get it before next hearing date (28Th Nov) as President will go to India on 25th.

Probably it may be another postponement (likely in 2007 January) regarding TRC Licence.

So, the resumption of LBN services in 2006 is highly uncertain as they need to get Media Licence after TRC.