Friday, November 17, 2006

Unfair treatment

The LBN Magistrates court hearing held on 11th November was postponed to January 17th 2007. But even though LBN was given approval by the MoD and the President ordered the speeding up of licenses to operators who were given MoD clearance, the order has gone unheeded.

We hope the authorities will intervene and restore LBN transmissions immediately.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding LBN as the days progress.


kula said...

What hopes blog admin...many would have given up..
See the response in this LBN blog itself

kula said...

Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) of Sri Lanka, Kanchana Ratwatte, told The Sunday Times FTR that the documents have been sent to the President last week but have not been returned although he expects them to be signed and delivered any day now. However, LBN will still be required to ascertain a media licence in order to resume cable broadcasting. "The TRC is only giving a licence for a passive network so it's a vital requirement to get the media licence from the Ministry of Mass Media and Information," Ratwatte said.

LBN Management: What is this media license they are referring to?
Do you possess it already or have you applied for it?
Will that be another 06 months process?

Yuktiya said...

If we are going to believe Ratwatta & making decisions we are absolutely wrong. This guy doesn’t know what’s happening in TRC. Last 7 weeks after LBN gets the MOD clearance he could not get the signature from the authorities. On June 15th LBN was sealed because not having the TRC licenses. Can this guy define or CONFIRM THAT comet cable HAVE THE BOTH LICENCES…. Did illegal cable operators have the TRC section 17 licenses to operate in Colombo 2, 10 – 15 & up to Negambo.

Yuktiya said...

It’s sad to note when analyzing the comments in this particular blog, the intentions were very clear; we want to win the battle against each other & fulfill our own objectives. When we point out some allegations against the authorities every one is silence about the issue. We have been penalized because both companies are not in a position to deliver what they promised. Subsequently no refunds on the cards… alternative available….sadly outside the world the relevant authorizes ( TRC, CID, MOD, MEDIA MINISTRY, PRESIDENT OFFICE, & JUDICIAL SYSTEM) not concern about our views. Its definitely Radio & tv Srilanka admin should create a awareness campaign to popularizes the blog.

Please address a letter to CBN / LBN regarding the objective of Radio & TV Srilanka. The relevant companies if they feel that this operation is worth, they can forward to their respective customers. We might not achieve this time but for the future let’s get to gather & bring the culprits behind these stories…….all the very best.

If you want people to follow you, you need to have credibility………….