Wednesday, November 01, 2006

LBN being treated most unfairly

Judging by what happened over the past few court proceedings of LBN it is well understood that the people who started this unfair shutdown of the cable tv channels are directly influencing the outcome of these proceedings and the authorities.

LBN management has not replied to a single email that we sent them lately for reasons unknown to us.

LBN has got Defense Ministry approval. Please see below.

The President has also ordered the TRC to issue licenses to those who have obtained Defense Ministry approval. Please see below.

The TRC had sent the letter saying that the license will be issued and asked them to make the payment. Please see below

We presume LBN has made the payment and would like confirmation about that from them. But at a court hearing they were told that the media license is also required. We understand that the media license can be processed only after so called new regulations are processed and tabled in parliament. All that's fine but there are cable operators in this country who are operating without this so called new media license (eg: Comet Cable).

So to be fair why can't they just issue the TRC license and give them permission to operate till the media license is issued. It can be done but however this goes against our friends who are behind all this confusion, so they drag this on further.

So this Defense Ministry approval is also an unwanted thing since the operators who have obtained their clearance are also unable to operate still. It is obviously a tactic to delay things.

We would also like to to request the customers of LBN to put pressure on the authorities to restore their connections because we see some comments attacking the Managing Director of LBN.

We are also not happy with the response that the management is giving to us however it still does not warrant so much criticism since they are also helplessly being pulled the way the instigators want them to be pulled, however we do agree that they should adopt a tougher stance.

Please keep us updated on the latest news regarding LBN as the days progress.

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